Kitchen Sink and Faucet Installation

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I know, I know! We haven't been posting our progress on the blog as much as we used to. Summer and I have both been super busy and have been trying to make an effort to keep everyone here's an update. Yesterday, one of the American plumbers that has lived down here since 1987 came to the


Hardwood Floor Installation – Progress Report

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Brian got down a couple of days ago. It's been great having a buddy around that really knows what he is doing. He has been installing hardwood floors for years and rolled in with all the right tools and brain power to get it done right. As you can see, it is factory pre-finished tongue and groove hardwood


No Good Waves in Puerto Rico

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I can officially stop complaining about our flat spell. We have had weeks of consistent surf...ranging from waist high to triple overhead. Today, Tres Palmes was breaking. There were about a dozen guys paddling in, a few paddle boarders and a couple tow-in surfers on their ski's. I surfed by Maria's with Brian. It was a couple feet


Concrete Slab in Backyard

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We spent at least a week prepping and planning for pouring the concrete slab in the backyard. We jackhammered, scheduled the concrete truck, hired some guys that have poured concrete before the last minute, shit hit the fan. Our guy that orchestrated this project (who will remain nameless) completely lost his mind and half of our help


Buying a Car/Truck in Puerto Rico

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Stefan and I bought a truck yesterday! This is Stefans new Toyota Tacoma: It's a 2001 Toyota Tacoma with 4x4, automatic transmission, power everything, 8-cyl, 106,000 miles, etc. It also has dual exhaust, tinted windows, a bed liner and some other bells and whistles. Not exactly the beater truck we were planning on getting, but the price was


It’s Time for a New(ish) Car(s)

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I think Stefan and I are both in agreement on this one. We need a new car (or two). The Bronco that we bought is a hoopty. The radiator blew up, the windows no longer roll up (and we busted one out trying to force it up), the rear window only rolls up if you press on the


We’ve Got Wood – Brazilian Teak

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Yeah, I know, we have been talking up Ipe hard wood floors for months now. The problem is, we couldn't find anyone to mill it for us and none of the distributors on the island had it in stock. As a matter of a fact, the only supplier I could find that even had hard wood flooring in


Home Game = Royal Flush

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Summer and I play Texas Hold 'Em Poker a couple times a week. Our buddy has a home game on Monday and Saturdays and Summer and I host a home game every Wednesday night. The way the game goes at our buddies house, everybody pays $10 to buy in and an extra buck towards the "Royal Flush Fund."


Granito Por La Cocina

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Today was a huge day. Not only did we pour the cement slab in the back and mow the lawn, we also had the granite countertops in the kitchen installed: After riding the decision merry-go-round, Stefan and I purchased our granite counter tops for the Home Depot in Mayaguez (cost was $4500). Home Depot told us that it


Mowing the Lawn

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A mere 3 weeks after planting grass seed, our lawn got its 1st mow today. I can't believe how fast the grass grew in. Awesome!!