Help Us Find High Speed Internet Service in Puerto Rico

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When I first moved down to Rincon, the office I rented used Choice Cable for Internet access and it was very disappointing. Service went down all the time and download/upload speeds were unbearably slow 50% of the time. After quite a bit of research, I decided to use Commercial grade DMAX DSL as our Internet provider at our


The Nuclear Dome in Rincon Puerto Rico – The Real Deal

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Matt, Conner and I went skin diving this morning for more lobsters. We were drinking coffee at 4:30 am and spent about an hour and a half exploring Reactor Reef, the reef that sits just north of Domes surfing beach. We hopped in about 100 yards around the corner on domes trail and hunted around the corner of


A Day in the Life: Rincon

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Today was a long day. Everything about it was Rincon Puerto Rico to me. Conner and I went surfing at one of the local spots this morning and had it all to ourselves from 6:30am to 8:00am when a few of our friends paddled out. The wind was slack and the waves were about head high. Glassy right


When the Cows Come Home, err, Our Home

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Conner and Dianne made a great Turkey Chili for dinner last night. Afterwards, Summer and I went to Marks house for his home poker game. Summer and placed 3rd and 4th respectively and came home around 11:00pm. I went to bed and Summer was hanging with the dogs. Around 2:30am the dogs started flipping out, so I got


Skin Diving in Rincon Has Rewards

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My buddy Conner (and his wife Dianne and son Van) flew into town just a few days ago. Conner moved from San Diego to Tampa about 6 months ago and no longer has surfing daily as an outlet. Looking for something healthy and fun to obsess over, he started skin diving with friends. After shooting a few big


We’ve Been Baking More Then Bread…

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Well, apparently we have been baking more then just bread around here. We have a bun in the oven! A 15-week old bun to be exact. So, around the end of July there will be yet another new family member to the CA2PR family (and this one won't have four legs...hopefully!). And in case you are wondering, no,


Door and Trim Progress

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We are moving forward with the progress upstairs. The faucet for the hot tub arrived, Tray hung all of our upstairs doors (and the downstairs bathroom), we hung drywall over the exposed treated lumber that is supporting the beam in the living room and I went out to San German to H.S. Keller and picked up some hard


Visiting Season Begins – Rincon Guest House

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Today is it. Today is the last day Summer and I have at the house to ourselves for almost 3 months. I know, crazy right? We have Conner and his family flying in tonight (Conner is here until Feb 3rd), Mike, Carry and Matt at the end of January, Christian and his chick coming in February, My Dad


Seasonal Fruit – Puerto Rico Style

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Summer and I have heard from both sides regarding grocery shopping in Rincon and we have been on both sides regarding the availability and consistency of the Econo grocery store. This month, I can only say that Econo is consistently inconsistent when it comes to carrying products that are on our grocery list. For example, they carry Lenders


A New Look For CA2PR!

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That's right folks, it's time for a facelift to I have been thinking about it for a while and started working on our new site a few weeks ago. Here is a picture of the old blog to help your brain realize you are on the right page when visiting the new site. I am excited about