Rincon is Dry Dry Dry

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We could really use a couple days of rain. Rincon has been without a good rain shower in over a month and the land is showing it. This morning I had to drive out to Home Depot to grab a couple tubes of Liquid Nails and I couldn't help but notice how dry all of the hillsides are.


FAQ’s – Is it hard to find a job in Puerto Rico?

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Here is another frequently asked question, that we get from people interested in moving to Puerto Rico: "...What about jobs? Me being half ass bilingual and him only speaking english, do you think we could get by?" My answer: While Stefan and I havn't had to look for jobs here (we both are self-employed), I don't know anyone


Buying a House in Rincon – Buyer Beware

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When Summer and I first started researching the idea of moving to Rincon, I was convinced that we were going to have to build from the ground up to get what we wanted. Summer insisted on it being too much for us to handle and we ended up compromising and bought this place, partially constructed with just a


Beach Cruisers and Grapefruit – An Adventurous Saturday

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Summer and I are big into exercise, but in totally different ways. We both like to get exercise doing things we love to do (surfing, snorkeling, yard work) but don't always have the chance to do it together, especially now that surfing is not really an option for Summer. When I left California I was mountain biking whenever


Around the House Stuff

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I spent most of my youth in South Jersey, but remember living in Vermont as a kid. I was too young to have chores, but I remember my dad and I picking up wood for our fire place in our old Volkswagon bus and also taking our trash to the dump. We lived about 15 minutes into the


Daddy Videos are Starting Already

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If you listen close enough, you'll here Summer call me a nerd while I am videotaping her getting her blood pressure taken. Well, I have embraced nerdism to its fullest extent working on computers all day, and I guess I am my fathers son because I have no problem busting out the camera and doing what I want


Doctor “Appointments” in Puerto Rico

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Stefan and I recently went to our doctor in Mayaguez for a routine pregnancy check up and to find out the sex of our baby. Like good patients, we showed up 10 minutes early and checked in for our 11am appointment. We then proceeded to wait. And wait. And wait some more until the doctor finally got around