Sydney James Rest

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Sydney James Rest was born at 11:10pm last night. She weighed 7.2 pounds and was 21 inches long. Summer is doing great. Happy Birthday Sydney! July 26, 2009


Surf Anonymously in Rincon and Become Famous

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A great friend of mine, Mark Buondonno, takes surf photos in Rincon every season. Big days or small days, he is on the beach taking shots. If it weren't for his back injury, he would be in the water with the same commitment. I was at his house the other day and saw a few of his images


Vaccinations and Giving Birth in Puerto Rico

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So I've been freaking out the past week because I'm about to give birth here in Puerto Rico and I've been told all sorts of horror stories. First off, I was told to not even attempt a home birth because the midwives here are not very good (two different women told me this and they both attempted home


Painting the House

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Yesterday, Gary came and bleached and powerwashed the entire house. Today, they started cutting in. The blue WAY brighter than I imagined when picked out the swatch...but I think it looks good.


Entrance and Gate

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One of the great things about the location of our house, aside from the fact that we are surrounded by great neighbors, is that it is located on the end of a dead end street. Calle Sin Salida. No where to go but our house once you turn down our road. That means two things: 1. No drive


Quick and Mobil Posts Like Facebook

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I find myself neglecting the blog if I don't have a well researched topic and I have decided that that is just not fair to all of you. From here on out, I am going to upload one liners and photos from my phone just like I do on facebook. Let me test a picture: