Back to Polished Concrete

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I think we are going to scrap the idea of laying tile downstairs and go back to polished concrete. In case you don't remember, or weren't reading back in September of 2007, we already made the decision to polish the concrete in the basement. We diamond polished the floors to smooth out the rough foundation slab and then


Help Us Choose Our Tile

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We are being very budget conscious with our tile choices downstairs. Uncle Sam hit me with some unexpected taxes now that I have my business in Puerto Rico and Sydney may not be going to college yet, but having a baby isn't exactly a discount program. We have been searching for a cool tile for downstairs for a


Windows Installed in the Basement

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Building a house is expensive. When Summer and I first bought this place we were thinking that we would be able to throw $40,000 at this place and be DONE in a couple of months. Yeah right. Building materials and labor are much more expensive than we ever expected and although we are 'do-it yourselfers' on many of


The Sheep Says “Baaaaaaaa!”

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Our neighbors got a couple of sheep and they are so cute! For the last few days, we have been sneaking up to their fence and "BAAAAAAAAAAA"ing at the top of our lungs to try and get them to come over. I'm pretty sure our neighbors think we are crazy :). But, they have given us permission to


Everything is Growing Up

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Ok, I have to admit it, Summer and I have been neglecting the blog. We haven't been doing too much construction lately and Summer and I have both been buried with work. As usual, our free time has been spent surfing and gardening but mostly, we spend time with Sydney. She's the best. The entire family went to



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An earthquake just woke me up. The house was rattling pretty hard and I hopped out of bed to check on Sydney. Kuta and Monkey slept right through it, as did the baby. I couldn't find anything yet, but Summer just told me it was a 5.8 via a friend on facebook. Yep, the earthquake map just said