Hardwood Floor Installation in the Gym/Guest Bedroom

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Installing hardwood floors by myself from start to finish was a great project that I really enjoyed. I used much of the leftover tongue and groove teak hardwood flooring from upstairs to install hardwood floors in the gym/guest bedroom downstairs. First off, no professional hardwood floor installer will recommend installing floors at or below grade, especially in the


Glass Shower Doors in the Master Bath

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The bathroom set-up in the master bedroom really is awesome. When we built the house, I didn't really understand why master bedrooms got so much attention, I mean, it's our house! We pay the mortgage, we buy the furniture and we buy the ceiling fans that keep us cool. Why do we need to pimp out the master


The Best Coffee in Puerto Rico

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Yeah, that's right. I said it. I am going to lay claim to the best coffee in Puerto Rico. Before I tell you that Cafe Rico makes the best whole bean coffee, I need to set the foundation of what kind of coffee drinker I am. Here is a shot; I would prefer no coffee at all to


Speedtouch Modem User and Password – DMAX Internet

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[caption id="attachment_1512" align="alignleft" width="239" caption="Speedtouch Modem - PRT Dmax"][/caption]I have found myself looking through files, notebooks and even the Google looking for the username and password to my Speedtouch modem provided to us by PRT and their DMAX Internet service. For the 3rd time in the past 4 years, I have had to call and ask how to


Summer is Getting Close!

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Sydney and I are eating breakfast right now eagerly anticipating Summer arriving in less than two hours! Sydney and I are going to finish up our scrambled eggs, bananas and milk and go watch the surf for a while. After checking the surf locally in Rincon, we are going to head north to Wilderness since it is in


I Thought I Felt an Earthquake – I DID!

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Sydney and I were playing a very important game of peek-a-boo this morning when I felt the house start to shake. It was barely moving and we have a lot of rain storms and thunder/lightening storms in Rincon as of late, so I almost dismissed it as distant thunder until the windows started to rattle. Rincon PR -


We Miss Summer in Rincon

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Sydney, Summer and I spent a bunch of time out of Puerto Rico this summer for work and just to travel. It was nice to get off the rock but we missed it so much. Sure, the surf goes pretty flat in the summer in Rincon, but we have so much to do all the time with our