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Sep, 2013

Active Atlantic Hurricanes This Week

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There is a bunch of active storms in the Atlantic this week. There is one tropical storm off of Puerto Rico and two hurricanes. One of the hurricanes, Gabrielle, is just south of Bermuda and the other hurricane, Humberto, is just off the Cape Verde islands. Neither of them appear to be a threat to Puerto Rico, but you never know so it’s best to be prepared.

Active Atlantic Hurricanes September 11, 2013

All of the upper level winds and sheer between us and Humberto will make it pretty hard for it to hit Puerto Rico. It is most likely going to pass well North of us if it even makes it that far. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we may get some waves from it. There is also a tropical system North East of Puerto Rico blowing a lot of wind and rain but it hasn’t shown any sign of cyclone formation but I am going to keep a close eye on it. It looks like Gabrielle may keep heading North (through Bermuda) and generate some hurricane swell for the North East. Man, it sure seems like Bermuda gets hit with lots of storms.


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