Pica Pica Translates to Itch Itch

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Have you ever rolled around in the pink insalation used to insulate your attic in nothing but your bathing suit? Well, me neither, but I would imagine the itch and irritation that would follow such a ridiculously stupid act would only be about 20% of the death fire itch from hell Pica Pica in Puerto Rico can inflict


Please Keep The Poop Off The Patio

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We absolutely love our chickens. They run around the yard all day like little dinosaurs and scratch up our lawn looking for insects, leaving their wonderful fertiliser behind, we get delicious fresh eggs from them (and we know what they were fed) and we love the fact that Sydney is growing up around farm animals. I love the


Random Grocery Post

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Have you ever wondered what $46 at the grocery store will get you in Rincon Puerto Rico? I went in the grocery store for a few things today, and this is what I walked out with. This is what $46 gets you at the Econo grocery store in Puerto Rico. Cheerios 1 Dozen eggs Loaf of bread Onions


Summer Fun For The Kids In Puerto Rico

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Saturdays With Summer; Chicken Chasing, Egg Collecting, Swing Swinging, Skateboard Swing Ripping, Baby Pool Splashing, Craft Table Coloring, Peanut Butter and Jelly Eating and Story Time Listening.


Building A Fence Part 1

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[caption id="attachment_1980" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Front Yard July 2012[/caption]Summer and I have gone back and forth on if we should or should not build a fence in the front yard. Originally, I was against the idea and wasn't open to it. After a bit of back and forth, we made a decision. Summer's Selling Points: A fence in the


Puerto Rico Weather in June? Hot, real hot.

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It seems that we forget how hot it gets here every summer by mid-December. The surf and the perfect beach weather by day and the cool breezes and perfect sleeping weather at night always takes away the sting of the brutal summer weather. Well, today, I was reminded of what we are in store for this summer. Have


Life in Puerto Rico

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Sydney is napping right now and I am cruising through pictures in iPhoto while trying to find some cheap flights off the island for our Summer plans. Wow, flights in and out of both Aguadilla and San Juan are super expensive right now. Even trying to book for September. $900 for a round trip ticket from Aguadilla to