Shared Office Space in Rincon – Short Term Rentals

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Hello everyone! It's been so long since I posted a blog on here, I feel extremely guilty and to make matters worse, now that I am finally posting a blog, it's promoting a business that Annie Turri and I started. It's not really for profit, it's for productivity. Let me explain. Annie and I both work out of


Christmas in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Ricans love them some holidays! I absolutely love this place during the holidays. The municipalities go nuts with christmas lights (not always up to code, families get together and neighborhoods decorate for all the celebrating they are about to do for Christmas, Day of the Innocents, Three Kings Day and the Birthday of Eugenio María de Hostos.


I Am Still Impressed By Rincon Sunsets

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I was about to upload this picture to Facebook so I could get it up real quick, but I bet you guys will really enjoy this sunset from last night. I took this picture while driving a buddy to a birthday dinner. This is a picture of Tres Palmas at 6:15. I'm sure many cervezas were enjoyed by


Sears Repair Puerto Rico Is Lame – Buyer Beware

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[caption id="attachment_1775" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sears Repair Puerto Rico is Lame"][/caption]I guess marketing works. When we were purchasing all of our appliances in Puerto Rico we didn't know where to go to buy them. Our biggest concern was how unreliable a warranty might be if we bought off a small local business. After a bunch of years down here,


Renewable Energy in Puerto Rico

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Warning - Utilities in Puerto Rico are expensive! Every year Puerto Rico produces 20.92 billion kWh of electricity and we use it all! It's crazy, power bills are way more expensive than the bills we got in California before we moved here and the average income in Puerto Rico is $16,300 a year with a 12% unemployment rate.


Feeling Homesick

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Man, we really miss being home. We have some friends (Tony and Meghan) staying at our house watching Monkey, Cheech and the chickens but we've been gone for 5 weeks now and I am loosing it! We are in San Diego again visiting Summers family, working and enjoying everything this extremely spread out city has to offer. Unlike


A Rant About the Aguada Collecteria

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In order to have a legitimate rant about the collecteria, everyone needs to know what the collecteria is in Puerto Rico. Collecteria: The collecteria is a government office that collects money from businesses and individuals. An example of an individuals' payment is state income ta, property tax or to cash in lottery tickets. An example of a payment


Medalla Beer Is Oldschool

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I feel the need to share this great song by a local band here in Rincon. Check it out and let me know what you think about the Durty Rats. Applesauce 002 remix cb 32bit to 16 by Durty Rats


Baby Chickens, Brave Roosters and Rainstorms

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I've said it before, but I'm not sure if I said it here. The summer time in Puerto Rico to me is all about work, fresh fruit/vegetables and planting. This weekend was a great weekend. I got tons of yard work done, Summer and I planted a bunch of new plants and we got dumped on by a


Work Day Break Spent Perfectly

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Yes, that's right, Summer and I have jobs. It seems that many people think that because we moved to Rincon from California we got here with tons of coin and that we don't need jobs because we are independently wealthy. Haha, this is not the case. We both work full time from our offices located here at the