How To Choose, Prepare and Eat a Starfruit


Sep, 2013

How To Choose, Prepare and Eat a Starfruit

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Since moving to Puerto Rico, we have planted, grown and tried all sorts of different tropical fruits. So far, my favorite is the starfruit, or carambola. When I tell people this and they tell me that they don't like starfruit, I figure that they must just be doing it wrong ;). Choosing and preparing a starfruit is very


Artwork For Our Blank Walls (Finally!)

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The walls of our house have been built for a couple of years now, but decorating the walls proved to be more difficult than actually building them. There isn't much of an "art scene" to speak of in Rincon, so the art selection is pretty limited. There are a couple of small galleries here, and we've picked up


I Built a Chicken Tractor!

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I built a chicken tractor! I bet you are probably thinking: "What in the heck is chicken tractor?!". So before your mind starts wandering to visions of a chicken-sized farm vehicle and our chickens driving it around the property going about hilarious adventures, a "chicken tractor" is really just a portable, floorless chicken coop. I decided to build


Mascotas Nuevas – Peces!

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Before I moved to Puerto Rico I was into fish-keeping and had 3 fishtanks in my house. When we moved to Puerto Rico I figured it would be too hot in our un-air conditioned house to keep a fishtank from overheating and pretty much struck that hobby off of my list. Lately, we have been talking with several


How to Juice a Noni

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The noni fruit grows really well here in Puerto Rico and has been touted as an amazing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune system booster and all-around good for you food. The only problem? It tastes/smells even more disgusting then it looks... The noni that I picked from our tree today: Just smelling a ripe noni makes me gag a little


Mas Gallinas! Salmon Faverolle’s and Ameraucanas

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After building a chicken coop and buying 6 chickens from the local agro last year, we've really come to enjoy what the chickens bring to the table. They eat bugs, fertilize the lawn and produce tasty fresh eggs for us to eat. Unfortunately, the agro assured us that the 6 chicks we purchased were all female, but we