Shark Attack in Puerto Rico

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When we moved to Puerto Rico, I was super stoked to hear that there are "no sharks" here. After hearing that, I did a little bit of research and there are actually sharks in Puerto Rico, but there had never been a shark attack on record and you do not see them in the water when you are


A Waterspout at the Marina

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Sydney and I were swimming at the Marina with friends the other day, when the weather started changing...It went from nice and sunny to dark and windy within a matter of minutes. While this is a pretty common occurrence in Puerto Rico in the summertime, this storm looked a bit more ominous then the typical 3pm downpour we've

PR to CR…Temporarily ;)


Jun, 2011

PR to CR…Temporarily ;)

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While we love our home in Puerto Rico, the summer months tend to get pretty brutally hot (and the surf is notoriously flat), so we find this time of year to be a good time to see the world. This year we decided to visit some friends in Costa Rica and soak up the Pura Vida for a


Free Classified Ad Website for Rincon, PR

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I had an idea the other day, so I decided to whip something together to help better our community.! Clasificados Rincon is a free classified ad website for Rincon, Puerto Rico. After living here for so long, I've noticed that it is really hard (impossible even?) to buy/sell used stuff around here. Clasificados Online is okay, but


The Sheep Says “Baaaaaaaa!”

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Our neighbors got a couple of sheep and they are so cute! For the last few days, we have been sneaking up to their fence and "BAAAAAAAAAAA"ing at the top of our lungs to try and get them to come over. I'm pretty sure our neighbors think we are crazy :). But, they have given us permission to


Questions about Puerto Rico

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Believe it or not, we get a ton of emails from people all over the country, that have questions about Puerto Rico. So many emails, in fact, that we don't really have time to answer them all. With that in mind, we've created a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page that hopefully will help answer peoples questions about Puerto


Tackling Moisture Issues in Puerto Rico

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Along with beautiful tropical weather comes little annoyances that have to do with all of the moisture in the air. Anytime you open any food, cereal for example, it goes stale in minutes (literally sometimes!). In order to keep things edible, you have to keep them in the refrigerator: Spices, boxes of cereal, flour, sugar, etc...which makes for