Our Trees are Ready for Battle!

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We've planted several dozen (50ish) citrus, exotic fruit and avocado trees on our property, and while many of them are flourishing and doing well, unfortunately we keep losing trees to careless weedwackers. Recently we've lost a canepa, tangerine, kumquat and avocado in the battle that is maintaining our property. No bueno!! We made another trip out to the


The Gym is DONE!

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I can hardly believe it, but the gym in our house is finally done! While we were in San Diego in Sept/October, we had the ceilings put in downstairs so when we got home, I started working on the gym since I am anxious to get back into shape after being pregnant and it sure it nice to


Bienvenido a Mi Finca!

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Right before we left for our two month excursion to California & New Jersey, I was walking around our property checking out the plants. One of the first things that we planted were a few little banana trees and they have gotten quite large. Since they havn't produced any fruit, I was wondering if perhaps we planted non-fruit


On The Move…

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We're packing up our flip flops, laptops and diaper bag. We're putting the wetsuits back into storage and savoring the last morsels of Traders Joes goodies, mexican food and sushi. It's time to head back home to Puerto Rico! Yippie! Bye, bye California sunsets! While it was good to get off the island and to see old friends


Vaccinations and Giving Birth in Puerto Rico

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So I've been freaking out the past week because I'm about to give birth here in Puerto Rico and I've been told all sorts of horror stories. First off, I was told to not even attempt a home birth because the midwives here are not very good (two different women told me this and they both attempted home


Good Places to Eat in Rincon, Puerto Rico

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Okay, I admit it, I'm a bit picky when it comes to eating. It's not that I'm afraid to try new foods, or anything like that, I just like to eat healthy, fresh food. Maybe it's because I was raised by crazy hippies, but I'm just not a fan of most fast food or fried things. So, finding


OMG! A Pineapple!!!

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I was taking a little stroll around the property and happen to walk by the pineapple plants we planted, and...well, LOOK!! Hay un pina!! Yay! I'm so excited about this! Every time we eat a pineapple, we have been planting the tops around the property in hopes of growing our own pineapples. I used to obsessively check the


The Master Bathroom is DONE!

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I never thought I'd see the day, but the master bathroom is done! The master bathroom jacuzzi tub & vanities: The master bathroom "His" side: The master bathroom "Hers" side: We bought the jacuzzi tub well over a year ago and have proceeded to move it around our little construction mess for this long, so it's nice to