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Building A Fence Part 1

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Rincon Yard 7/2012

Front Yard July 2012

Summer and I have gone back and forth on if we should or should not build a fence in the front yard. Originally, I was against the idea and wasn’t open to it. After a bit of back and forth, we made a decision.

Summer’s Selling Points: A fence in the front yard will be practical. Having the flat area of our front yard fenced in will make it easier to handle the dogs since we can’t leave them alone together. It will also allow us to close the gate with the dogs on the other side leaving a huge (non-cliff containing) play area for Sydney while we are cooking, hanging out in the living room and just hanging out. It will also give the immediate front yard a more finished decorative landscaped look.

Stefan’s Selling Points: Putting a fence in the front yard will make it seem smaller and it isn’t a practical expense. The lobor of digging 2 foot posts holes, the concrete and the decorative 4×4 posts is going to be expensive. If we are going to spend money on installing a fence anywhere, it should be spent on perimeter fencing so we could let our animals run free without the worry of them wondering off. Once our front gate is in, we would have a fully contained couple of acres.

Don Bega True Value Lajas

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Ultimately, I decided that Summer had a good argument. The fence will look great, it is going to allow us to let Sydney run wild while we are hanging around the house and we will have peace of mind regarding the dogs when we are out of town. Yep, that’s right, we are installing a decorative and practical fence in the front yard. Added bonus? The fence is going to provide shade for new plants, frame in the landscaping and it will house low voltage lighting along the posts to light up our treacherous rock driveway.

The Fence Plan: We haven’t built a fence before, so the plan is a little iffy. I’ll keep you updated via posts over the next week or two. To start, we pulled strings from corner to corner where we wanted the fence line. We then measured out post holes, dug the holes and cemented in (after priming the wood) 6ft long 4″x4″ treated grade A lumber. We bought the lumber from Don Benga True Value in Lajas (tel;(787)899-3025). Their wood is a world better than the treated lumber Home Depot sells. They sold 12 foot 4″x4″s so I bought 15 of them with the plan of cutting most them in half. The two around the gate will be 8ft with a trellis.

We decided to run 2″x4″s between the fence posts and fasten them with but joints. We are then going to space 1″x”6’s three inches apart around the outside of the fence. We are going to have 2 gates and 1 trellis. One gate will be by the hose spigot under the master bedroom and the other is going to be at the path entrance next to the driveway.

Check Out Some DIY Fence Pictures – Building A Fence TO BE CONTINUED…

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7 thoughts on “Building A Fence Part 1

  1. Carol

    Hi guys!! I hate fences because they look like a jail or something LOL!! But sometimes we have no choice but to build one, most of all for security. I was gonna ask you, what do you do with your animals when you go out of town? Who feeds them and all that stuff? It always is a big concern for me where to leave my dogs everytime I go on vacation. Well enjoy your new project, can’t wait to see it!!

  2. katrina kruse

    Never met a fence I didn’t like! Keeps bad stuff out, good stuff in, gives you a structure to put vines or parcha or shrubs near/on and you don’t have to see undesirable things on the outside! For the rest of the perimeter you could do chain link. Not that hard to put up, excellent for beans, parcha, peas and other climbers. It also marks your territory – the human version of spraying!

  3. Stefan

    Carol – I feel the same way about fences, but in this case, it just needed to be done. We’ve used a Home Depot style garden fence for the dogs before, and it just doesn’t do the trick.

    Katrina – Now that we are building the fence, I’m really excited about it and you’re right, a chain link perimeter fence is perfect..but expensive. Hmmm, which should we do first; Pool, Garage w/ Granny Flat or Chain Link Perimeter Fence?

  4. Summer

    We are just doing a low-ish fence around our immediate front yard, so it (hopefully) will not be jail-like or ugly. And now that the post have been set, it actually looks great! It’s a labor of necessity and will function to keep dogs/kids in/out/separated. One of our dogs is aggressive/unpredictable and keeping the dogs separated by having one locked up in the office is NOT working for me. We also can’t expect our housesitter (when we travel) to be switching the dogs in and out because it really is a big pain in the butt. So, a nice little fence is going to fix this problem and make our life a whole lot easier. Initially it was going to be a 4ft fence, but we’ve already shrunk it down to 3ft.

    I do not want chainlink around the property. If we needed it to keep out stuff/things/people, I would reconsider, but we are well hidden up here. I prefer a living fence of bamboo, razor plants and bougainvillea, with large dog backup.

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