Epoxy Mortar for the Marble – Driving to San Juan

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I am going to drive to San Juan today to try to track down some epoxy mortar so we can start laying the marble in the kitchen and bathroom. This is really slowing us down (at least two weeks now) otherwise I would not be driving out there. San Juan is a pretty big city and very confusing


UPS Can Find Our House

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Stefan and I just got back from a mega shopping expedition and there was a delivery attempt notice from UPS stuck on our front door. That may not sound like a big deal, but our physical address (Carr. 414 Km 0.5, Sector Vargas, Rincon PR 00677) is also the exact same address for EVERYONE in our neighborhood. So


Internet has Arrived – DSL is Fast

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I have been waiting quite a while to say this...Summer and I now have high speed Internet access in Rincon! After an aggravating day of broken automated message systems and 27 minute waits with PRT (Puerto Rico Telephone), I tracked down our DSL Modem this morning through the company that PRT hires to do all of their shipping;


Driving from San Juan to Rincon, Puerto Rico

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Yesterday I flew in to San Juan and met Stefan before he flew out to Oklahoma for business (yes, we do actually have jobs ;)...). After he left, I had to drive The Red Baron (also known as the Bulldozer) from San Juan to our house in Rincon. I was a bit nervous because I've never driven the