Hardwood Floor Installation in the Gym/Guest Bedroom

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Installing hardwood floors by myself from start to finish was a great project that I really enjoyed. I used much of the leftover tongue and groove teak hardwood flooring from upstairs to install hardwood floors in the gym/guest bedroom downstairs. First off, no professional hardwood floor installer will recommend installing floors at or below grade, especially in the


Back to Polished Concrete

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I think we are going to scrap the idea of laying tile downstairs and go back to polished concrete. In case you don't remember, or weren't reading back in September of 2007, we already made the decision to polish the concrete in the basement. We diamond polished the floors to smooth out the rough foundation slab and then


Help Us Choose Our Tile

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We are being very budget conscious with our tile choices downstairs. Uncle Sam hit me with some unexpected taxes now that I have my business in Puerto Rico and Sydney may not be going to college yet, but having a baby isn't exactly a discount program. We have been searching for a cool tile for downstairs for a


Hardwood Floors – No Returns

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I have to leave for the airport in less than ten minutes, so this is going to be short as sweet. There is a ying and a yang to ordering pre-finished tongue and groove hardwood floors. If you order too little, you'll slow the job down by a few days at best waiting for more wood to arrive


Hardwood Floor Installation – Progress Report

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Brian got down a couple of days ago. It's been great having a buddy around that really knows what he is doing. He has been installing hardwood floors for years and rolled in with all the right tools and brain power to get it done right. As you can see, it is factory pre-finished tongue and groove hardwood


Concrete Slab in Backyard

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We spent at least a week prepping and planning for pouring the concrete slab in the backyard. We jackhammered, scheduled the concrete truck, hired some guys that have poured concrete before and...at the last minute, shit hit the fan. Our guy that orchestrated this project (who will remain nameless) completely lost his mind and half of our help


We’ve Got Wood – Brazilian Teak

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Yeah, I know, we have been talking up Ipe hard wood floors for months now. The problem is, we couldn't find anyone to mill it for us and none of the distributors on the island had it in stock. As a matter of a fact, the only supplier I could find that even had hard wood flooring in


Grout Cleaning – Marble Floors

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After quite a few tests of the grout in the kitchen, we went with an Antique White Non-Sanded Grout. Gino grouted all of the seams and little cracks yesterday...and this morning I am sponging the entire floor tile by tile. I am using two buckets of water and one sponge to clean the thin film of grout from


Stair Construction – Let it begin!

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I am so stoked to have stairs leading from upstairs to downstairs! It really doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but it really is. Finishing the construction downstairs is about 1/16th the work as completing the work upstairs...polish the floors (done), plaster the walls (done), run electrical (done), hook up outlets and fans (50% done), install


Master Bedroom and Bathroom

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With all of the work we have been doing on the house, we haven't really been focusing on the Master Bedroom. It has been on my mind, but there is a chronological process to all of the work we are doing here and the way it works out...we need to finish "A", "B" and "C" before we can