Pica Pica Translates to Itch Itch

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Have you ever rolled around in the pink insalation used to insulate your attic in nothing but your bathing suit? Well, me neither, but I would imagine the itch and irritation that would follow such a ridiculously stupid act would only be about 20% of the death fire itch from hell Pica Pica in Puerto Rico can inflict


Please Keep The Poop Off The Patio

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We absolutely love our chickens. They run around the yard all day like little dinosaurs and scratch up our lawn looking for insects, leaving their wonderful fertiliser behind, we get delicious fresh eggs from them (and we know what they were fed) and we love the fact that Sydney is growing up around farm animals. I love the


Great Day in Rincon

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Today was a great day. These three photos are from today. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Mangos are in season. Stoked."][/caption] We have three mango trees planted on the property that may one day grow us delicious mangos like this one. The mature mango trees we have are all 'con fibre' which are really stringy. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="550"


Timber – So Long Old Tree

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I don't have to tell you guys that Summer and I are very into our landscaping and building not just our house, but creating a really cool tropical landscape. One of the things to deal with living in Puerto Rico are the termites. Termites are everywhere. Termites have eaten their way through gardening equipment handles, expensive palm trees