Tackling Moisture Issues in Puerto Rico

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Along with beautiful tropical weather comes little annoyances that have to do with all of the moisture in the air. Anytime you open any food, cereal for example, it goes stale in minutes (literally sometimes!). In order to keep things edible, you have to keep them in the refrigerator: Spices, boxes of cereal, flour, sugar, etc...which makes for


Our Kitchen is 99% Done

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Yes, that's right. After a year and a half of piecing together our kitchen when we had the money and when our custom cabinet builder had the time to show up, we are finally there. Well, not quite there, but 99% there. I am kind of counting our chickens before the eggs have hatched here, but all of


Worlds Largest Pepper Grinder Discovered in PR

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Summer and I headed out to Mayaguez yesterday to get a bunch of errands done. We went to Marshals and Sams Club (total trip time: Marshals + Sams Club = Five Hours). The traffic wasn't too bad, but we got caught at the same section of lights out by the Denny's. Traffic would cruise through there so much


Cooking in the New Kitchen

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Our kitchen is finally fully functional! Here is Stefan cooking lasagna on his birthday (12/18): The kitchen isn't quite finished, but it works, so we are happy :). To finish the kitchen, this is what needs to get done: ~ Cabinet doors hung ~ Pantry/wine refrigerator/wetbar area to be built and installed ~ Breakfast bar to be built


Painting the Kitchen, AGAIN

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When we first picked out the colors for the house (seems like months ago...wait, it may have been) we were still staring at drywall (actually, 5/8's fire resistant greenboard) trying to imagine what the house would look like when it was done...which helped us enough to pick out the paint colors. I really think we did a great


Kitchen Sink and Faucet Installation

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I know, I know! We haven't been posting our progress on the blog as much as we used to. Summer and I have both been super busy and have been trying to make an effort to keep everyone updated...so here's an update. Yesterday, one of the American plumbers that has lived down here since 1987 came to the


Granito Por La Cocina

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Today was a huge day. Not only did we pour the cement slab in the back and mow the lawn, we also had the granite countertops in the kitchen installed: After riding the decision merry-go-round, Stefan and I purchased our granite counter tops for the Home Depot in Mayaguez (cost was $4500). Home Depot told us that it


Kitchen Countertops

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Stefan and I have spent a lot of time trying to pick out our counter tops for the kitchen. First we wanted granite, but the only granite we liked was the the most expensive ($75 per sq ft) and we didn't really like it THAT much. Stefan went to the quarry to check out what it would look


Grout Cleaning – Marble Floors

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After quite a few tests of the grout in the kitchen, we went with an Antique White Non-Sanded Grout. Gino grouted all of the seams and little cracks yesterday...and this morning I am sponging the entire floor tile by tile. I am using two buckets of water and one sponge to clean the thin film of grout from


Marble Instalation in Kitchen

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We started working on the kitchen floor yesterday. We are butt jointing all of the tiles (no gap) which makes it a more difficult task as opposed to having a gap between each seem that would allow you to fudge the measurements a bit. After measuring the entire room, determining the center point and determining which part of