The Gym is DONE!

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I can hardly believe it, but the gym in our house is finally done! While we were in San Diego in Sept/October, we had the ceilings put in downstairs so when we got home, I started working on the gym since I am anxious to get back into shape after being pregnant and it sure it nice to


Our Sexy Techno Bathroom

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We are keeping the upstairs of our house somewhat tradition when it comes to the interior design, so we decided to get a little buck wild, insane, um, creative, with the downstairs. For the downstairs bathroom, we picked out a dark gray (almost black) tile for the floors, light gray tile with oriental accents for the shower and


Faux Finish Paint – Summer’s Office

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Before my last trip to San Diego, I wanted to get the paint done in my office. Unfortunately I was rushed, didn't read the faux painting instructions and it wasn't turning out the way I wanted it. So I abandoned the project, until today. Here is the base coat + partial paint that didn't turn out: I'm doing