Summer is Getting Close!

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Sydney and I are eating breakfast right now eagerly anticipating Summer arriving in less than two hours! Sydney and I are going to finish up our scrambled eggs, bananas and milk and go watch the surf for a while. After checking the surf locally in Rincon, we are going to head north to Wilderness since it is in


Packing Up For Rincon

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Summer, Sydney and I have been out of Puerto Rico working and we are ALL ready to go home. Summer is going to stick around San Diego for another week or two, but I am packing up Sydney and I so we can head home. I am stoked to see our trees, build a fence and a chicken


Visiting Season Begins – Rincon Guest House

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Today is it. Today is the last day Summer and I have at the house to ourselves for almost 3 months. I know, crazy right? We have Conner and his family flying in tonight (Conner is here until Feb 3rd), Mike, Carry and Matt at the end of January, Christian and his chick coming in February, My Dad


Vacation Time Off

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Summer and I left town last week a few days before the Tropical Storm that was heading North West, decide to change its mind so we weren't too worried about it. Then, it ended up switching West, running over Puerto Rico and heading on up towards Cuba, turned into Hurricane Faye and is now over Florida. We didn't