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  2. Lori

    Hi guys! Love your blog! Thanks for the info about the non vaccination form etc. we are moving to rincon soon and I was wondering about that we have an 18 month old who is non vacc:) great info it’s a very hot topic these days and I’m almost afraid to talk about it ya know? so thanks again!


  3. justin

    Hi guys,

    I hope all is going well. Not sure if you still use the site much or not, but figured I’d give emailing you a shot. If you are still in PR, I’d love to pick your brain a little. No worries if you don’t have time. Thanks!


  4. Mitch

    Great blog! Moving to Rincon in Jan and had a question about getting a drivers license. Ive read I should hire a service to assist because the DMV can be an all day affair going ti alone. Is that true? Do you know anyone in Rincon or Mayaguez that does that? Thanks!


  5. tony villanueva

    hey guys
    looking for info on a place that installs granite counter tops for kitchens that has good prices and reliable and that travels to Aguadilla. Looking to install over wood counter in the next couple of weeks…


  6. Suzanne

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if you could email me the vaccination waiver form that you used for Sydney? The link that you have on this site does not take me to it.

    Thank you so much!



  7. ELiot

    Would you know of any Nursing or Senior homes in the Rincon area. My mother has dementia and I’d like
    to find a place where at least some of the residents speak English.



  8. John

    Hey! My wife, two sons (4 and 2), and I will be moving to Puerto Rico early next year. My exploratory visit for scouting areas/schools is in late November. I was wondering if you had any tips about the schools for young children and what I should be looking for?


  9. Carlie

    Just starting to garden here and started with cherry tomatoes. I have a lot of questions about sun, water etc. . . Do you have a way I can contact you or a website you can recommend. Thanks


  10. Christian

    Hey Guys! I love you blog and have been reading it for years since you first started it. I have a question. How are the schools in Rincon? Is your daughter going to or going to be going to a bilingual or English speaking school? Or since she was born and raised there, are you just doing the public schools? I’m wondering because I have a 10 year old son that doesn’t speak Spanish. I am hoping to move to PR and although I don’t mind paying for private school, I cant afford a high end private school, just wondering how the options are in Rincon because I already know about the San Juan and Dorado area.. Thanks so much


  11. louise


    Do you know where in London uk I may be able to buy the peanut butter fruit?

    Or do you know of an online stores that sells the peanut butter fruit that can ship to the london uk?

    Please get back to me




  12. Rosana

    Hola Summer & Stefan,

    Como estan? I was born and raised in Puerto Rico but have been living in Maryland since 2001.

    I travel to PR once a year to visit family and friends and take my gringo husband to different places on the Island. However, I have never taken him to the West coast. I am planning to do just that in July, when we come to visit.

    Can you guys tell me your favorite spots on the west coast. My husband likes kayaking, history and good food. Would love to hear your favorite places for all three categories.

    Thank you so much,



  13. Evan Venditti

    Hi, Your blog has been helpful, thanks. In Rincon PR, I am building a power pedestal for the first time and am familiar with some requirements. The ground line must be 3′ down by code, I’ve been told, but I am wondering if the pedestal foundation has a depth requirement?? Any info is appreciated, be good, thanks

    Evan Venditti


  14. caleb

    Found your blog and I love it!

    I actually have followed it for a while and love it. If I remember correctly you have an internet consulting company too right? I do consulting work too …

    I’m actually planning on moving my family to Puerto Rico, in Aguadilla, around this July. We already found the perfect house and are working out the lease …

    I wanted to ask you, did you use a moving company to get your stuff down there? If so who did you use and would you recommend them?

    Anything you wish you did differently?

    Moving is always stressful, but I’ve NEVER moved even to another state much less to another island!

    Would love it if you had any advice for another American family looking to make the move to Puerto Rico 🙂

    All my best,


  15. Jordan Steger


    Thank you so much for your blog, it has been an incredible help. I have been looking into flying into Puerto Rico for a month, Rincon specifically, and living in a hammock for that month. Just surfing, writing, and living in a hammock. I have all of the logistics down for the most part but what I am worried about is being robbed, or mugged. Would it be safe to try this? I have kind of grasped the culture of Rincon through your blog and others and it truly seems like it is a safe good Vibe area. Maybe you have thoughts or anything else to keep in mind when thinking of the logistics of this idea?!

    Sorry, had the wrong email in earlier. My email is :[email protected]




  16. Charles Timms

    Hello Stefan and Summer,

    My wife and I have followed your blog since 2007 when we lived abroad in Germany dreaming of our own explorations in Puerto Rico. Flash forward 10 years and we are now on the brink of closing on a homestead in Mayaguez. After a brief celebration our first tasks will be to secure the property with a gate, repave the 500 foot driveway, and replace all windows and doors.
    If you would be willing to share your contact list of reputable masons, general contractors, and material sourcing we would be forever thankful.

    Looking forward to continue following in your family’s footsteps.

    My best,
    Charles y Nail Alvarado-Timms


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