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Artwork For Our Blank Walls (Finally!)

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The walls of our house have been built for a couple of years now, but decorating the walls proved to be more difficult than actually building them. There isn’t much of an “art scene” to speak of in Rincon, so the art selection is pretty limited. There are a couple of small galleries here, and we’ve picked up a couple of pieces that we like, but the main room of our house has HUGE blank walls and we have had a hard time finding large works of art that we like. This year I’ve made it a priority to locate art because we are both so sick of looking at huge blank spaces and scratching our heads wondering what we should hang there. I bought two awesome photos from the oh so talented Tony Dooley of Uncharted Studios and had him print them on stretch canvas. 5ft x 3ft was the max printing size available. But they fit nicely above the windows in the great room.

Puerto Rico Art Uncharted Wave

Puerto Rico Art Underwater Surfer

Stefan had a good idea about wanting to hang a vintage surfboard, but hey, we don’t actually have one! Well just so happens that we have a friend that does and he needed a place to store it. Looks pretty good (and safe) hung above the doors to the back deck. 😉

Classic Wood Surfboard Puerto Rico

One of my good friends, Heather Moreau from Vallentyne Photography, came to visit and took some great family photos, so I had my favorite printed on stretched canvas and it now lives above the fish tank:

Puerto Rico Family Portrait Photographer

Next, I found this great print from Lara Zombie and ordered it online. Again, I purchased the largest size available, and it could stand to be twice as big to really fit our walls, but it will do for now:

Lara Zombie in Puerto Rico

Most recently, we were lucky enough to acquire a cool one-of-a-kind piece of art that was painted onto a retired surfboard. Jeremy, the artist, that painted this piece asked what kind of art I was into and after throwing some ideas around he went with a Day of The Dead style (which reminds me of growing up in San Diego and Mexico):

Puerto Rico Surfboard Art

When we moved to Puerto Rico, we sold/donated nearly everything and brought to PR only one piece of artwork. Want to see it? It’s an awesome one-of-a-kind oil painting by super talented artist Jamie Kelly. It’s hung in our bedroom, so not a lot of people get to see it:

Jamie Kelly Surf Art Puerto Rico

Sydney also has her own little collection of Puerto Rican art hung in her room:

Original Art in Puerto Rico

The purple monkey on the left is by local artist Kurt Ziegler and the fish painting on the right was a gift to Sydney from artist Roberto Ortiz. It is titled “Matilda The Fish”.

So yes, I think we’ve finally broken through the “blank wall years” and have started filling our walls with some pretty cool art. If you are looking for some unique original artwork in Puerto Rico, our new friend Jeremy has a couple of pieces for sale. Check em out and let me know if you’re interested! (Or, you can email Jeremy about his artwork at [email protected]) :


5 thoughts on “Artwork For Our Blank Walls (Finally!)

  1. Carol

    I love all of the art but my favorites are your family picture, of course, the Day of the Dead surfboard and the ones on top of the windows. You made excellent choices!!

  2. katrina kruse

    I used to sell my underwater photography at all the art fairs in the states. I kinda miss being around art and artists – very difficult to find anything of quality or uniqueness here.

  3. Jockel

    my name is Jockel and I fly this Saturday to Puerto Rico and look for a nice surfcamp or for a posibility to surf wih other people around Rincón.
    Can you help?
    I want to stay a week, share a room or take my own room, with food or without food, with yoga or without yoga. I just need a group of nice people who I can surf with, I am a 2-3 star surfer, so still learning, but I do not need clases.
    Hope for quick help and saludos desde Barcelona,

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