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Mar, 2014

Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit Hits Rincon

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1904128_10152263779884544_258122990_nRincon has been on the ‘surfers map’ for years. It was first in the spotlight in 1968 when there was a world contest held here and it has slowly gained popularity since. It remained sleepy for years but it has really picked up the pace since Summer and I moved down here. There are a lot of people that are bummed that their little lawless town is changing. They don’t like the development, the new $500 fine for getting caught with an open container of alcohol and they definitely don’t like how crowded the lineups have gotten. Between surfers on the outside that know what they are doing and the group lessons on the inside that have no idea how dangerously shallow the water is, it’s no longer just the skill of riding the wave. It’s the skill of contest surfing your way to the peak (unless you’re surrounded by your friends) and then the skill of avoiding people on the inside ditching their boards for the safety of the shallow water while their instructors (sometimes surfing themselves) yell words of encouragement.

I’m compassionate to learning something new, however,  I truly believe beginners should learn to surf somewhere where they are not a danger to the people around them, themselves or ruining waves for guys and girls that know what they are doing.

Ok, so that’s something I don’t like, but something I do like about the ‘progress’ of Rincon is all of the new amazing food trucks, restaurants, craft brewing (there’s a new brewery in downtown Rincon plaza- Rincon Beer Company) and even stuff at the grocery stores. We have a lot of favorites in town that have been establishing themselves over the years, but there are two new food joints that just opened up this season that we’ve added to our long favorites list (Mi Familia brick oven pizza, Solitaire farm to table, La Cambija local fresh, Island House, Copa Llena, etc…). These two new spots are both food trucks. They are the Rincon Taco Bus (on the Puntas Beach Road/Gall Road) and Jack’s Shack (on the left right before the lighthouse). Both are inexpensive, use nothing processed as everything is from scratch and both focus 100% on fresh ingredients.  Loving it.

I digress.

I am writing this post to share how crazy Rincon was for the Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit that was held on February 23rd and February 24th at Domes beach (the one next to the retired nuclear power plant). It’s always a little bit of a shit show when Corona comes to town. Giant air balloons depicting Corona bottles are erected all over town and all the bars & restaurants sell Corona for $2.50. Corona signs are stapled to all the telephone poles for miles around and banners are strung across the streets all over town. Driving to the beach near the contest (Maria’s Beach) took me 45 minutes! It usually takes one song on my iPod.

If you are prepared and understand the madness that is about to ensue, the Corona can be fun. People are partying all over the beach and having a really good time. I avoid going out at night like the plague when it’s in town, but the day time party scene is a really good time. People are camped all over the beach and woods at Domes, Volkswagen Bus Clubs and Jeep Clubs are all over the place and there are hundreds of Toyota Corollas with sound systems valued at 2x the value of the car. Artisans set up all up and down the strip and EVERYONE is trying to sell you something if you’re looking to buy. No one is pushy like in areas of Mexico where I have traveled.

In years past, the organizers of the contest were not very responsible and left behind a path of litter destruction. I didn’t go and inspect after the contest this year, but when I went surfing a few days later the beach seemed to be in pretty good shape. I know the local chapter of Surfrider spent time down there and I appreciate their efforts. Thank you to all the volunteers.

Sydney and I skipped the parking lot traffic and took my truck down a few bike trails from the other side of the point and arrived center stage at the contest in my truck. We only had to walk the last 50 yards. It was awesome. I didn’t take any pictures of the surf on Saturday because it wasn’t very good. Knee high. The guys/gals surfing really are pros though, they can surf those little mushy waves so well. Very impressive and get my respect. The waves picked up for the second day with chest to head high sets coming in by the time the finals started.

Have a look at a few of the pics from the day.


4 thoughts on “Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit Hits Rincon

  1. Pam

    An open container law?? When did this start? How can they possibly enforce this when every other driveway has a pincho stand that sells Medalla? We are going to lose our “Wild Wild West” reputation 🙁

  2. Stefan

    @Pam – I know, open container law in Puerto Rico!?!?!

    Most things I post about I have done my research on, but this, I’m only going by what I’ve been told by friends that own restaurants and bars. Apparently, the fine is $500 for having an open container that is labeled. For example, open beer bottle? Fine. But, if you pour that beer into a cup, they won’t bother you. I did a few searches of my local sources and couldn’t find any solid info, so if anyone else out there knows what’s up, let us know or I’ll post an update when I have my facts straight.

  3. Amy Putkonen


    I am glad to see that you are blogging again. My husband and I went to PR a month ago and loved it. We had been talking about moving out there once our daughter leaves home and we wanted to see what we thought of the place. We started learning some Spanish (which DID come in handy!) and had a great time.

    We loved Rincon the best. Sounds like a great town. I am also into sustainable living. Love your blog!

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