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Daddy Videos are Starting Already

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If you listen close enough, you’ll here Summer call me a nerd while I am videotaping her getting her blood pressure taken. Well, I have embraced nerdism to its fullest extent working on computers all day, and I guess I am my fathers son because I have no problem busting out the camera and doing what I want to do despite the social pressure of sitting back and not rocking the boat.

Despite sitting around the waiting room for hours, learning new things about our baby along with seeing and hearing her again is amazing. Here is a video I took and edited using iMovie to give you an idea of what a twenty-week check up is all about. Seriously, the only thing I edited out of this was the wait in the waiting room, which I certainly wasn’t recording anyway.


4 thoughts on “Daddy Videos are Starting Already

  1. Ham

    Big Congratulations to both of you! You are halfway there, I hope everything continues to go well! Thanks for sharing!

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