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Downstairs Work Must Continue

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Summer and I have both been super busy with work this year. Well, I guess we’ve both been really super busy with work since we met, but we never realized it until we had Sydney because now our free time is minimal. During the day, a few hours of our free time is when Sydney is napping, so that doesn’t exactly create an opportunity for Summer and I to bang around the house working on little projects.

Downstairs is soooo close to being done. We need to go to San Juan and buy two windows and french doors. Once we have those, we’ll be able to take down the steel cage we have down there now, empenatar the block and install tile. Then we’re done (except for the tile, baby proofing, the back porch, garage with granny flat, swimming pool, decorative rock walls, waterfalls, yard stairs, trails, landscaping).

Going to San Juan to go shopping used to be an easy task, we just needed to motivate enough to just go. Get there in the morning, spend the day and then drive back. Well, that is no longer an option. Summer and I now have our little Sydney to think about. It would be really tough on her to sit in the car and go from store to store with no exercise, no time to try to practice standing, no high chair for meal time, no nap time etc. You guys get the idea.

When Summer, Sydney and I finally make it to San Juan to buy the remaining items to finish downstairs, we are going to rent a hotel room and do it over 2 days. No more need to rush around and hurry up, Sydney keeps us focused on what is important, enjoying the moment.

Tourist season is coming to a close and the prices at the nice hotels are going to start dropping soon. Once they do, our family is going on its first road trip. Destination, San Juan and hopefully the El San Juan Hotel and Casino!


6 thoughts on “Downstairs Work Must Continue

  1. mcmom50

    I saw on the Weather Channel that it’s supposed to rain all next week while we’re in Rincon. Is that for real? Also, I so remember the days with a one-year old. I promise, kids do get more “portable!” Our daughter will be 11 in June and the time has flown by. Enjoy every minute! Thanks!

  2. linda

    Your such good parents, good for you.
    I bet Sydney wil love a little vacation in San Juan. A little gambling, a swim in the pool and a nap. I would love to shop while sitting in a stroller watching the world go by!

  3. Van The Man

    Despite popular opinion, while the baby is napping is a great time to “bang around the house”. You should try it and see just how well it comes out.

  4. Summer

    Mcmom50 – I doubt that it will rain for a full week here in Rincon. We just got 2 1/2 days of much needed rain, which is quite unusual. According to the forecast that I just read we’re going to be getting sun, sun and more sun :).

    Sydney is surprisingly portable already (although traveling with a baby is 100x’s more complicated then what Stefan and I were used to: passport, carryon and we’re off!). I look back at 14 hour travel days to San Diego with a colicky baby and think, “We’re we CRAZY?!”…Luckly it all worked out just fine. 🙂

    Linda – Awww, thanks! I bet Syd would like to check out San Juan too. She’s in that stage where new things are mesmerizing. I like it!

    Van – Sydney doesn’t seem to mind noise, surprisingly enough. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to risk her nap time (my free time), if I don’t have to! 😉

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