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Eating Food We Grew

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Yeah, that’s right. We grow our own food!

We have two main food sources from the property right now, the garden and our fruit trees. Our garden is doing really well and is starting to produce tomatoes, snow peas, cucumbers and spicy lettuce. We have some other stuff coming in too like jalapeno and habanero peppers.

Spicy Lettuce and Summer

Spicy Lettuce and Summer

Most of our grafted fruit trees are not really producing yet with the exception of the first Starfruit (Carambola) tree we planted. They are all too small and although some of them have flowered and started to grow fruit, nature took over and made all the fruit fall off so the tree could grow up big and strong.

The exception to our ‘non-producing’ fruit trees are our banana trees. Wow, they really exploded with growth this year! That is probably pretty apparent with all the ‘banana blog posts‘ we’ve done, but they are fast growers once they get established and 70% of our trees have produced bananas this year. Check out our most recent harvest!

Home Grown Bananas

Home Grown Bananas


10 thoughts on “Eating Food We Grew

  1. Billy Boy

    Stefan the garden looks great!! I wounder if I can find the vegi that that I can plant that grows a Summer LOL. I hope we can sell this Virginia house soon, my wife and I really would like to be in PR by july. I spoke to a moving company yesterday and it appears we’ll have to get a forty foot shipping crate for the car and pool table but we’ll have to wait for a contract on the house first. In the meantime we’re busy throwing a lot of accumulated junk away. Take care of the family and keep up the good work grasshopper.

  2. stefan

    @Ricky: We rotate our crops, but stuff grows year around in Puerto Rico. The seasonal worries/woes are the bugs, not the weather. For example; the tomato worm can eat through an entire tomato plant in a day or two, and they only live May-October’ish.

    @Billy: I’d love to hear your quote on that container. Good luck on selling the house!

  3. Billy Boy

    Stefan, The quote on the shipping container with the car, pool table and all my household goods comes to be at 10K plus or minus 2%. I looked up the taxes on the car and I’ll have to pay another $4,340 in taxes plus what ever the PR government charges me for my household items. This move is getting expensive LOL. I would sell these items and get new ones but being retired the cost to replace is even more money if I had to buy in PR. So what’s up with the frog thing. I really like to hear the coqui’s at night they’re like our crickets here but more pleseant to listen to. Sorta like rain on a tin roof.

  4. Fran and Steve

    Billy Boy, what is the name of the shipping company? We have been quoted $15K for a container that doesn’t even include cars. We are in California. Do you know how we can get info on how much we’d have to pay in taxes both on our household goods and on a 2002 car? We are also retired and are still weighing the options between buying new stuff and shipping old stuff, knowing new stuff might be unaffordable. Thanks! Fran

  5. Billy Boy

    Fran, The company is Mayflower International. It’s only my first estimate and I plan on getting at least 2 more. I got Mayflower since most military use this to move to Quantico base here in Va. If you go to you can type in your cars vin number which is reflected on your car title and get your inport tax for that vehicle. I know the tax is high but so is the price on cars in PR since the tax is included in the price there. Since I have a 2006 Highlander with low mileage I didn’t want to have to buy a new one in PR. You have to also remember that the car has to be free of car loans, you can’t ship over seas without clear title. I can’t tell you at this time what additional charges I may have to pay for my house items but I’m assuming about another 2 to 3 k at the most just to be on the conservative side. Best of luck on the move and if I can help in any way with information I wll.

  6. Fran and Steve

    Billy, thanks for the info. Our quote was from Allied. We’ll now get a quote from Mayflower. Steve’s retired military too. We plan to ship my car, and then buy a beater truck or SUV. 2 or 3k import tax sounds feasible for household goods; we were thinking it would be a lot more. We think our move will be in the fall. I hope you keep us all updated on your move! Fran

  7. Billy Boy

    Fran, I think Stefan and Summer have a Bronco you can get really cheap LOL. I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date on the move, since Stefan and Summer will be my next door neighbors on Carr. 414, in Bo Guayabo, Aguada.
    Stefan you and the family take care and hope to see more articles on your web.

  8. Stefan

    @Billy Boy: Thanks for the shipping quotes, they are really helpful. I’m stoked on the government link where you can enter a VIN number, that is awesome! It is such a mystery trying to figure out what the government is going to tax you. I didn’t think there was anything official like that. I assumed if I showed up with a case of Medalla to pick up my truck (if i shipped it) I might get out of there without paying any tax at all!

    Yes, our Bronco is for sale for $12,000 AND it comes with a bridge in Brooklyn, so it’s a good deal.

  9. Christian

    How dem Mangos down there??

    I just discovered that I have an allergy to mangos. It’s actually a condition coined “MANGO LIPS”
    I thought the person who told me was pullin my chain or something- but after a quick search – it’s true.
    I had no idea it even existed. I must be living in Jersey or something!!!

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