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Ginger and Heliconia Flowers

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Some of our ginger and heliconia plants have started to flower! It’s nice to see more colors coming out in the yard.

heliconia flower

ginger flower

heliconia flower puerto rico

We have planted several different types of tropical flowers, but we did not know what colors were planted where, so it’s a surprise when we finally get to see the plants flower. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Ginger and Heliconia Flowers

  1. katrina kruse

    When the ginger flower looks weary leave it on there – after a while there will be green shoots coming out of the base of the flower and the whole stalk will start to droop. You can let it touch down and some may turn into new plants but if you let the flower get really ratty and shoots several inches long you can snap them off, root them in water and plant them later and whalla….your own ginger factory. I just did that today! katrina

  2. Rosa

    Now your garden is looking very tropical! They are nice and colorful.
    Hey, how is monkey? All better I hope.

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