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Glass Shower Doors in the Master Bath

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The bathroom set-up in the master bedroom really is awesome. When we built the house, I didn’t really understand why master bedrooms got so much attention, I mean, it’s our house! We pay the mortgage, we buy the furniture and we buy the ceiling fans that keep us cool. Why do we need to pimp out the master bedroom? We can hang out anywhere!

Well, here is why; Once you have children or have house guests, it is nice to go to your sanctuary. Our master bedroom is virtually sound proof to the rest of the house so when I get up at 6:00am it doesn’t disturb Summer and her staying up late doesn’t disturb me. Our closet is big, we each have our own sink and there is a two person tub that Summer chill’s in regularly (and Syd gets her nightly bath in it). The fans are set up perfect, we get the trade wind cross breeze from the front windows through the back and the dimmers on our lighting make sure we can see what we ar doing, or barely see what we are doing depending on what we want.

The only thing that has been a thorn in my side regarding our master bedroom is our shower. I hate getting into our two-headed, pimped out marble shower when the trade winds are blowing and having the mildewy shower curtain blow up against and stick to my body while I am trying to clean up. Seriously?

Brushed Nickel Shower Door Price

Brushed Nickel Shower Door Price

This week I went to Home Depot and purchased a Sterling Brushed Nicket glass shower door for our master bathroom. I bought a new blade for my hack saw, bought some clear acrylic calking, a marble/granite 5/16 drill bit and started our Rincon house project #I don’t know.

I measured out the bottom of the shower and pulled out this expensive piece of brushed nickel knowing that I had to make the cut perfect or it would be a VERY expensive mistake. I made the cut a little big and had to saw through the base track two times but got it perfect. I then inserted the side rails, made marks on the brown tile (with a pencil?) and then removed the side guides. I then pulled out my drill, inserted the drill bit and began drilling into our marble tile walls. The first hole was nerve racking because I did not want to crack the marble. After realizing that buying the $17 bit for the job the best thing I could have done, I drilled the other 5 holes without sweating it. I occasionally sprayed cold water on the bit to cool it down.

I installed the base, sides using anchor and screws provided and then measured and cut the top piece. The top piece doesn’t get fastened to the sides or the wall, it relies completely on the weight of the door to stay in place. It simply slides into the grooves on the side brackets. Once the frame was secure, I added the screws, bolts and wheels to the glass doors which came with pre-drilled holes for the handles/towel racks as well as the rollers that are placed on the upper track.

Shower Door Bolts Are Fun

I have to admit, I got aggravated a few times at this project because it is finish work so it needs to look good. I am not that great with detail work and am a total klutz so there are probably a few more scratches in the brushed nickel than there would be if a professional installed it, but overall it looks great.

Much like many of the other projects around the house, once I have done the job once, I am much more confident in doing it again. This shower door project? So easy, I wish I had more to install. 🙂

Master Bath Shower Door

Master Bath Shower Door (cropped photo looks a little funky)


4 thoughts on “Glass Shower Doors in the Master Bath

  1. David

    Lol. The pictures of the door bolts, blind nut and sex bolt.
    That is a sharp looking job. That is true about having a high quality bit or pretty much any tool. Quality tools make a big difference.

  2. Hector Pagan

    My wife and I enjoy visiting your site and reading about your adventures in your new home. We will be building a home in Quabradillas PR relocating from NJ. Our plan is to start construction in April, and hopefully finishing by January if all goes well. Your updates and the sharing of your PR adventures is certainly an excellent insight into life in PR and we appreciate you sharing these.

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