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Help Us Choose Our Tile

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We are being very budget conscious with our tile choices downstairs. Uncle Sam hit me with some unexpected taxes now that I have my business in Puerto Rico and Sydney may not be going to college yet, but having a baby isn’t exactly a discount program.

We have been searching for a cool tile for downstairs for a couple weeks now, but aren’t really having any luck finding anything in our budget. We narrowed our choices down to about 6 different tiles that range from porcelain tile to slate. We are going to keep the tile 12”x12” to help reduce the cracking and tiles coming up in the future due to our floor being uneven. The basement was never designed to be apart of the house so the floor wasn’t poured level. Another thing we are going to have to do is strip the concrete polish/sealer up from the floor. From what I understand, if you pour water on concrete and it beads, the mortar you use for the tiles will never stick to the floor and you will waste a lot of time and money.

Help us choose! Which tile do you like the most?


21 thoughts on “Help Us Choose Our Tile

  1. C.

    The darker one’s (slate?) to the right in the photo. Just think they match up best with the style of your house. Honestly, if you can’t decide you can always fill it up with sand and it would probably still look great!!

  2. Stefan

    Slate is the one I liked the most too. I also like the two on the left, if we used them together.

    Summer and I were just upstairs waiting for Sydney to wake up from her nap and are thinking of staining the concrete too…and doing away with all the expenses that come along with tile work. The issue we have with staining the concrete is that we have a sealer on there that needs to be removed first…not really sure how to do that yet.

  3. Lyndsey

    I really like the second from the left, but a combo of the two on the left would be nice. If you can get the sealant up though, a concrete stain would look great. Our kitchen counter tops are just a stained concrete and I LOVE them. They continue to change colors with wear and are a combo of bronzes and green/turquoise that looks amazing and super easy to clean.

  4. Fran and Steve

    I really like the idea of a concrete stain, like Nick and Miri used. I’m not partial to the slate only because it looks too dark. The third and fifth ones are too light. Of all your tile choices, I like the second one the best. I can’t picture it together with the first one, but I’m sure the combo you have in mind must look nice, since you guys have great taste. Fran

  5. Shawn and Lynn

    1st on the left for a little color, or 4th from left looks like it has some cool features. Living in the Northwest we are getting burned out on slate, we have it in our house and it seems to show up somewhere in every house in the area, but the variation from piece to piece in slate can be cool. We are partial to a little red in the house though.

  6. Rosa

    My first choice would be slate, my second would be stained concrete.

    You have a large area with alot of light so whatever you chose will look good.

  7. YoMaMa

    Do a “floating floor” like my floating floor cork that is how some wood used to be put down so people could take with when they sold. But with a pad under, it could work.

  8. katrina kruse

    2nd or fifth from the left because they will stay cleaner looking and make the area brighter (dark ones will suck light and show dirt). You may want to go with a slightly smaller tile for leveling issues sometimes smaller lets you compensate so things don’t visually appear uneven and so corners aren’t weak. Larger tiles will require more pega under them (or whatever the stuff is) and are more likely to show level changes. Inside showers are always smaller to compensate for the slight drain tilt for that reason. Make sure you “knock” on them and listen for hollow sounds whatever size you use but I’d go smaller if things aren’t level. I’ll go slightly smaller in the next bathroom.

  9. Lisa

    First terracotta tile or second terracotta from the left with dark grey grout! We have the second from the left in our kitchen and LOVE it!

  10. Billy Boy

    Ok Stefan, I’m no interior decorator but I’d do the stain if cheaper and later do the slate if money is available. I do like the slate but may be to dark for the entire area. I would also consider the availability of the tile or slate later if one were to get damaged. I would also consider the style of furniture you may be using, light woods or darker may make a difference in your choice. If you plan on resale use a netrual that someone else could enjoy. I like them all but it’s your house and found out thet your gut feelings usually is the best.

  11. Frank Orama

    I like the slate, but since it is uneven when they cut the tile, you’ll have to compensate when installing with the thinset underneat to make a level surface.

  12. Linda

    I love Miri and Nick’s stained concrete basement floor. It always looks fantastic (although maybe Miri cleans it before I come over..haha).
    Otherwise, I love slate. Last choice is what I have in our house (and I like it), is the terra cotta (2nd from left).

  13. Karen

    Because slate is uneven, it may hide any areas in the floor that are not level. but it is rough and needs regular sealing. Also pretty dark. I like the two on the left for the traditional mexican look. If they are porcelain you could take them right out the door and use them on the patio, skipping the deck. Use a self leveling compound to fill any low spots in the floor. The windows look great.

  14. katrina kruse

    5th one gives you more options for changing paint and drapes and furniture/pillows etc. With a black or red floor you are pretty limited. Sometimes boring beige is the way to go if you want to change things up often.

  15. Andrea & Alexis

    5th one is my fav- far right, it does remind me of sand a bit.

    Alex says 4th or 5th, (and I didn’t even tell him my preference before asking :D)

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