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Help Us Find High Speed Internet Service in Puerto Rico

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When I first moved down to Rincon, the office I rented used Choice Cable for Internet access and it was very disappointing. Service went down all the time and download/upload speeds were unbearably slow 50% of the time. After quite a bit of research, I decided to use Commercial grade DMAX DSL as our Internet provider at our house/offices.

The first year of DMAX was great. We had very high upload and download speeds and never had any connectivity issues. As of about October, our DMAX DSL has gone down hill, BIG TIME. It is constantly going offline and has been quite slow.

I am going to start researching other options again (1 year later) and see if there are any ISP’s in Puerto Rico that can offer consistent, high speed quality Internet. If you have any suggestions for me or would like to share an experience with us, please post below, it could help everyone (including Summer and I) out!


46 thoughts on “Help Us Find High Speed Internet Service in Puerto Rico

  1. Ivan

    According to At&t they have 3G Coverage in Rincon. Also you my try out Centennial Comunications, since they bought a wireless service provider called (787-999-4455). They specialized in this sort of thing.

  2. Jeff

    We have Sprint wireless. My connection in the hills of San German is good and I havent any real trouble with it. But, it can be slow. Most video is slow and choppy. Up loading videos to blooger is frustrating to say the least. I would say my speed is mostly 256 and can go as high as 712. It’s $65/month.

  3. Joao

    I have Choice Cable here in San German and it had been complete garbage in the past. It has improved, though. It’s 9:12 PM and I’m getting 1050K out of 1500K whereas I used to barely get 150 to 250K. It’s still not perfect, but it has gotten better.

  4. Sandra

    I brought my ATT wireless air card and still using it in Quebradillas and it is working out very welll, reason for why we haven’t changed to a local service.

  5. Deb

    We’ve been renting a month each winter for the last 2 years. Last year we used Choice and had the same horrendous experience you had. This year we’re using Sprint’s 3G service. We’re in Stella near the Villa Cofresi and my speed has been between 300 kb – 800 kb. My only problem with the service is you have a 5GB limit per month.

  6. Dennis

    Im In Patillas which is on the complete diagnal opposite side of the island. My choices where not so great when i got here about 6 months ago. it was Dial up, Sat or, Wireless card, since cable stops short and doesnt come up to the House. its mostly farms here and rain forest.
    i tried contacting sat but no answers on email or phone, wierd. so i stoped by radio shack and picked up a sierra 595U sprint USB card its 3G and EVDO, Up i get 100 to 150 kbp down 600 980 not the same as my NY Optimum online but given that im practicaly in a jungle over here im happy its almost like DSL. also for those lookig into this option they sell special wireless router you hook these cards to and share the service with other PCs

  7. Dennis

    ohh By the way I dont have problems with dropps but the signal strength might drop a bar or 2 i am on the side of a small monatian surounded by them and still get 3 to 4 bars. out on the round i can get max signal thats the other bonus it goes where i go and i have to say sprint service the times i have used them have been Good .

  8. Christine

    Hi–I tried twice to submit a comment and it never showed up, so I’m glad you say you’ve fixed that problem…we’ll see! Anyway, we have been unhappy with Choice Cable for the past couple of years and were ready to switch over to DMAX. They sent us the wrong modem 3 times and their customer service is horrible, especially if you’re trying to deal with them from the States (we have a house in Rincon, but we’re not here all the time).
    When I finally got a modem that worked, it kept dropping out and there was a loud whine on our phone line even with the DSL filter. I gave up on DMAX, but happily, Choice Cable seems to have improved some.

    Best, Christine at Casa Bianca in Puntas

  9. Adam

    I recently moved from San Juan to Cidra and had to get DMAX service set up here. They sell their “5 mega” package, which really is only around 600kb/s. They set us up a week ago and its still only like 300kb/s. Every call to customer service results in them telling us to wait like 2 days while its fixed, but it isn’t ever. While in San Juan I had OneLink, which is cable. It was fast and never went own the whole time I was there. I wish OneLink was available in Cidra. I moved from Iowa down here a couple years ago and the internet prices / speeds are still one of those things that pisses me off. in Iowa you can get a 7MB connection for $30/m. Here you cant get over 1MB generally and that’ll cost you at least $80 a month and take 2 to 3 weeks to set up. In iowa it took 3 days.

  10. Evelyn Leon

    Hi, greetings from Bethlehem, PA. I really enjoy your website and story. I hope to retire to Rincon in the near future and your stories have been a wealth of info. Wanted to send the info on HughesNet your way. They service North America including Puerto Rico.

    With HughesNet® as your high speed Internet service, your super-fast, always-on, satellite Internet access is ready when you are — no dialing in, no waiting and no tied-up phone lines. You can download files in seconds, check email instantly and surf faster than you ever imagined. And HughesNet satellite Internet access is compatible with Windows® and Macintosh®, so getting online anywhere in the contiguous U.S. is easy!

  11. Tom

    I just moved from NYC to Bayamon and I’m experiencing similar problems with DMAX. My internet speed is a crawl. When I’m connected wirelessly it’s even slower! I’m paying DSL prices and getting dial up speeds! Any recent luck?

  12. Dennis

    Yea my mom just got DMAX and after many speed test its just not fast enough for the price. im trying to get into the router but the default password and ID have been changed so I might call

  13. Tom

    The default password is usually the phone number the internet service comes with. Calling isn’t as bad as you would think. You’re usually on hold for a while, but they do have English speaking help! I think there might be bandwidth restrictions or something because I wasdoing a lot of downloading yesterday and after a while it just stopped working. I couldn’t even go to without it timing out!

  14. Dennis

    tom for my router TG782 the default was the serial number typed in all Caps it was used for the User name and Password here is the link to DMAX site with the down loadable manual,(it didn’t come with my unit, in case any one else comes across this.

  15. Robert Rodriguez

    ive had choice both internet and tv for over 10 years, used their 3Mb internet most of the time here in cabo rojo. when i became an MSN and Skype user i immediately noticed i needed more 3Mb speed more like 1.5Mb in the evenings. so i decided to go for the 6Mb speed same problem half the speed in the evenings. choice has a seriuos problem keeping up on the demand, in the evenings. speed test on the later will vary from o to 5.22, which gives problems on MSN and SKYPE.

  16. Héctor

    I’m really NOT happy to hear others have the same internet speed problem that I have. I have friends from around the world that have much better bandwidth than Puerto Rico has, that it makes me feel we’re in a third world country here.

    Even our neighboring islands have better service than we do here. I have basic DMAX service because its not worth paying more for ANY increase in speed … the phone company just wont give better speeds anyway … no matter how much your willing to pay.

    I wish somebody would give these local cable and telephone companies some real competition so they would get on the ball and provide quality internet service.

  17. Michael

    I agree. ISPs in Puerto Rico are pathetic. DMAX’s service was plagued with interruptions and slowdowns. I switched to Liberty simply because it was cheaper. Aside from blocking bittorrent downloads, the service is an abomination. PR needs an ISP that can scare off DMAX’s and Liberty’s constant stupidity.

  18. LUIS

    @TOM Could you share the link you mentioned is the password to the router. I have a TG782 and am having trouble accessing it. I would rather not call customer service, but may do it anyways.

    WOuld appreciate your help.

  19. gladys

    Well i am happy to hear that i am not the only one that has DMAX problems. The company DMAX has sent me 5 and may i repeat 5 modems and they still dont work. i am paying for 1 mega yeah right if you can believe that they could even give you that much. In any case the phone company has come and replaced the phone lines and guess what well i am still having the same problem noise on the phone even with the filters, slow speed i am so fed up and i wish there was another option. someone help please. i live in Rincon which is a beautiful town but the phone company needs to be replaced.

  20. dennis

    Quick tip !!!
    for anyone with demax speed issues, have them install a new junction box and/or cables, make sure all connections are perfect. my mother was finaly able to get Dmax and had lots of problems with speed and drops till fianly a tech looked at those things. maybe its due to the weather.

  21. Vitito

    There’s one alternative to DMAX & cable. I was looking for fast, reliable internet service. Neither cable nor DMAX were any good. About a year ago I switched to wireless broadband (aeronetpr.xom). Service is great, reliability is sky-high, and the cost is ok. The installation costs are high, but well worth it. U need to check coverage in your area, though. Good luck.

  22. chris

    I have the same problem. We used a 2wire router from DMAX for about a year before the modem stopped working, having service outages for hours or days at a time, constantly. It took four months to get them to give us a new router, but only because we were referred to by a technician who came to fix the telephone line, because our line one day just suddenly went completely dead. We now have a Thompson TG782 router that works fine, but I cant access the interface through all of the passwords I’ve tried. I need to forward ports. I took Tom’s advice and used the phone number, and used the basic admin/admin, etc combinations, to no avail. I know for a fact that the password and username were not changed after we got the router from the tech center, but I cant get the dang factory password! Not even Thompson has it! And im not the person paying the bill, I just maintain the router, so I cant call customer service to ask for help, its ridiculous the service down here (internet AND cellular, especially ATT!)

  23. Joseph

    well im having problems with dmax and i use to work with them i paid 2 megabytes and only i get like 1.3 then i went down to 512 there are a bunch of liers and the service they provide even worse always with the same excuse that theres an “averia” thats bullshit u paid for 2 megas and u never see it i wish there would be better internet like in chicago 12 megabyter fo 60 dollars now that a deal i wish FOR BETTER INTERNET IN PR!!!

  24. Jonathan

    I wonder if people are aware, the “mega” all ISPs advertise are not Megabytes, they’re megabits. Dmax’s 1 Mega plan is roughly equal to around 128 Kilobytes per-second, so their 2 mega plan is about 256KBps and their maximum 5 Mega (residential) should equal 640KBps. You’re not getting megaBYTES, you’re getting megaBITS.

  25. Juan

    Super glad I found this site. I’m starting a business from home in Penuelas. I have to use VOIP phone system thru my internet. So who has the best service and strongest send and return signal in puerto rico.

  26. Pedro

    I live in Aguadilla PR and had Dmax Since 128kbs was the first available option. I hear Dmax is updating their connection speed in a couple weeks from Sep 10, 2010. You might want to give them a call and verify this before you make a huge switch like that. As far as I know the reason Dmax will be the primary internet connection for some time is because they are with the primary telephone company PRTC. SO check that out 😉 Also if you connection for a business u might want to get the business plan. Honestly, We need BETTER INTERNET in PR!!!!!!!!

  27. Roy

    I moved here about three months ago from Florida and getting DSL service with PRTC has been a nightmare! I applied for DSL service on July 1, 2010 and they just delivered the modem last night! I have been calling and calling every day, keeping notes of who I speak to, and its a shame how PRTC new owners (Mexican VCs) run this joint. First of all, tech support (outsourced to Dominican Republic) is a disgrace. Their customer service is in the island but the departments are so disjointed that one does not know what the other does. I so miss my FIOS service! As I type this, I can’t even open half the websites because it seems their DNS servers are doing some blocking. Does not happen when I connect via cell phone tethering with my Sprint phone. We need a REAL ISP that will give them a run for their money!

  28. Billyboy

    Stefan, Well we finally arived here in Aguada and got Choice for an ISP. At best we can get downloads of 5.70 mb/s and uploads at 0.49 Mb/s all at a ping rate of 70 ms. This sure isn’t Virginia but we also get cable tv which isn’t bad. I can’t say Choice is the the one to get but since I had them pull new cable all the way to the house it’s been workng fine especially for a wireless house. Oh by the way we also learned that you really need a generator here in Aguada. No tingo electric and no tingo agua lol.

  29. christian/pr

    a couple comments ago hector said that he felt he was living in a third world country, hey, get your passport and head the hell out of this island. Thank you.

  30. Jill

    We just moved from NC and brought our recently purchased mobile MiFi device from Virgin Mobile. They cover the island best near the coasts but you get decent coverage in the middle too (we tested it in Caguas). We got the MiFi from Walmart online for $119 and it works on a prepaid plan – unlimited web, video, etc for $40/mo.

    We work from home as web developers so a good connection is muy importante and this service has been faster here than in NC.

    Up to 5 devices can connect and you can take it anywhere! It fits into your pocket. I’ve been using my google map app on the iPad a lot as we’ve been exploring. It’s awesome. I highly recommend!

    Oh and if you do buy it, register it in the mainland somewhere – if you subscribe to Netflix, the instant play videos WILL work in PR bc the service is routing thru the US. Local ISPs block Netflix instant play.

    We’re all about beating the system!

  31. David

    Jill you got it! Best ever and no pain. Virgin= no contract, no BS, no waiting, no issues and mobile! Got the usb stick and happy as I can be.
    BTW: I am here in PR after been inspired to leave So. California by the amazing couple that run this site. Saludos Jeff and Summer.

  32. Angel Hawk

    I have One Link and its price rises slowly. Every now and then you get a surprise bill of $128. even if you paid $98.89/mnth. One has to continually be calling them to keep them in check. Their service is ok and slows down when you need it most. I am just fed up fighting their billing department and want out. If anyone have a better company….please!! Puerto Rico is in dire need of a GOOD

  33. Fran and Steve

    I’ve been looking at all options for a good ISP on the east side of the island. DirecTV is advertising high speed satellite internet service. Does anyone have experience with it? Thanks! –Fran

  34. David

    I recently moved to Ponce, PR from Rockford, IL. I was tempted to get Virgin Mobile before leaving but wasn’t sure how well it would work. I needed wireless internet and tried Open Mobile but it failed- it was so slow that it never downloaded any webpage, I called their tech service and got different excuses. One was that the first few days it would be slow due to being a new customer and the towers will take some time to recognize my system and when I called the 2nd time they said two towers were damaged and being worked on so there were too many people being rerouted, bla bla bla- hogwash. Perhaps it does work for some, but didn’t for me. I returned the equipment and the funny thing is how they handle returns, won’t get into that. This was yesterday. Then I went to Radio Shack and got the Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go service, and I started with the smallest plan of $10 for 100 mb- to test at home. It’s working great so far. Virgin Mobile uses the Sprint network and seems like coverage in Puerto Rico is excellent near the coast. Reliable wireless service is important for me. Hopefully it will still be this good during rough weather. Next will be my cell phone service. I’m still using Verizon wireless and their voice plan is working well here with their extended service, but no data and no local number. By the way the weather in Rockford is a bone-chilling minus 7F today and a pleasant 70 here, booya!

  35. Derek

    I live in Ponce…I tried Choice for a bit but connection issues was a pain…but because of a fire I had to move, and choice nor Dmax is avaliable where I live now…

    I tried Direct TV and it was horrible 20kb to 25kb speed at all times…I used up my 3 day trials and returned it…with DMax waited a month before they were able to tell me it was not available in my area…

    Right now I”m using Global Surfer III from Claro…late at night it can run at 300 to 600kbs..during rush hour like i call it 150kbs to 200 give or take…my biggest issue is disconnection and the fact that i have a shared IP…

    I miss my internet service from NY…DL/UL was wicked…

    but in general costumer service for all the above mentioned just sucks…very unprofessional and rude…

  36. Andy Lopez

    Infrastructure is not in place and the terrain is very challenging for faster Internet speeds. Have had relatively good luck with Choice services. Speed is not consistent enough.

  37. Reinaldo

    Derek i have a solution for you.Get an iphone or Android smartphone and you will get internet like myself that i used mine from Sprint

  38. ratoaa

    I work for one of this hot shots internet companies in PR, problem is that we have one serious handicap in the island. The only cable submarine that goes to FL, because of that prices are higher than mainland US. I have DMAX at home since 2005 and never had a problem with them, recently switched to their 3 meg plan and up to FL that bandwith is always available beyond that is 2.6 to 3.0 but then again my location is in the metropolitan area.

    If available for home use I always heard good thing about aeronet service, we provide the same service but to comercial custumers but I don’t really know our prices

    btw I don’t work for either PRTC DMAX or aeronet

  39. nhermina

    I use my Sprint HTC EVO phone when I’m in my winter home in Quebradillas, PR. I’ve tethered (use phone as a modem) my phone with my laptop and get excellent download/upload speeds. I actually have a better signal –all bars– then in my Florida home. I really don’t pay extra as Sprint has unlimited data. I’m truly happy with my internet connection!!!

  40. Hector

    Fran and Steve asked if DirectTV is good. At leat where I live in Trujillo Alto (considered Metro area) it is NOT. That is the reason I am here looking for other choices. I just did a speed test and download speed was 33kb. They advertise as 5MB, but it is Horrible!!!!!!!!!!! I also had Onelink in the past and it is not good either so I am looking at other options.

  41. Jose J. Bermudez

    I have

    I have DMAX in Cayey Puerto Rico. Its the worst internet provider, they promised you 2megas but I can only get at best .20 megas. So I chnged to 4net wireles provider for 2 megas. They deliver whats they promised. Its work perfectly all the time. Its unlimited and they can deliver up to 10 megas if you buy the service of 10 megas. 4 net offices are in Arecibo phone 787-520-9999.

  42. Joe

    Warning; don’t go with WINPR they are the worst company in Internet providers. They will charge you a couple of days before due date and cut service two days before if you don’t have the money when they say. Without service they will still charge you monthly until you pay everything I have Internet since always and this is by far the worst company yet.

  43. JR

    lol looks like people keep stumbling onto this particular article throughout the years while searching for broadband info on the island.

    so for you who have stumbled here in the future you will want to go to:

    it is the government appointed agency that deals with almost everything related to broadband on the island. there you can find a list of all providers in your area and a bunch of other facts and statistics about broadband in Puerto Rico. if you have complaints about the horrendous service island wide you should leave em there, maybe they will start applying pressure to ISP’s since their stated goal is faster stable internet island-wide

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