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Honey, I’m Hooommmeeee!

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I got down to Puerto Rico last Monday (5.14.07) and things have been a whirlwind. Stefan has been taking care of business, BIG TIME, and shit has been happening. We have running water, a toilet and an outside shower already!! This is huge, since I was expecting running water to be a month or two down the road. After checking out the house after opening it up (taking the hurricane shutters off, opening up the windows, clearing stuff out, etc.), I’m so stoked at the construction. It’s WAY better then I remember, way better then any Puerto Rican construction (it was build by a gringo that ship in all the materials) and much farther then along then I remember. The house was designed with air flow in mind and that makes all the difference in a hot, tropical climate. Honestly, I could live hear now if business was all taken care of in California (unfortunately, I have 30 or so more days to make sure my new employee(s) are fully trained, packing up the container, tying up loose ends, etc).

My dad came down with me and has helped us a lot with directing us with where to start on this big ol’ project that we stumbled into. He has tons of experience in construction and finishing work, so his advice has been priceless.

Monday morning I am flying back to San Diego since I am going to trial on Tuesday. I will probably be back in SD for 3 weeks and then come back down to PR for a week or two. Then back and forth a couple of times before I’m settled in Pueto Rico for good.


2 thoughts on “Honey, I’m Hooommmeeee!

  1. Lara

    My husband is from Yauco and while we live in Nashville now we’ve discussed what it would be like to move to PR… all his family are there. Seeing you take the leap is wild!

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