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I Hope Sydney Likes Pina Mangos!

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While Robin (my mom) was in Puerto Rico, waiting for Sydney to arrive, we visited our neighbors pina mango tree and had ourselves some delicious pina mango goodness. While cleaning up, we were commenting on what large seeds pina mangos have and Stefan got the bright idea to try and grow our own pina mango tree. So, we dropped a pina mango pit in a cup of water and sat it on the window sill, next to the pineapple tops. We had pretty much given up hope on the pina mango pit after a few weeks, but low and behold…I woke up the other morning and it suddenly had a huge sprout sticking out!

pina mango tree sprout

pina mango tree sprout

So, this pina mango tree is officially going to be Sydney’s tree, since it was “conceived” by grandma, Stefan and myself right around the time Sydney was born. Now we just have to figure out where to plant it…


7 thoughts on “I Hope Sydney Likes Pina Mangos!

  1. amy

    Isnt it great to just plop a seed in water and let the magic begin . I cant wait to do the same thing when I move to puerto rico !!!!

  2. Chris

    Mango Pina’s are the best mmmmm….

    That is so cute how u are going to make it sydney’s tree. I wonder how many years it will take to be full grown?

  3. Carol

    I recommend you to plant it far from the house. They grow big and can damage the cars and the roof with the leaves. It also could attract rats when the mangoes fall to the ground. It gets stinky too!

  4. katrina kruse

    Yup – If you eat anything you like just plant a chunk of it or the seed from it and it will grow. The grafted trees bear fruit sooner (2 to 3 years) and planting those seeds may not make fruit “true” to that of the mother plant (which doesn’t mean it won’t be good). If the tree wasn’t grafted it is around 8 years before fruit, but the native trees have a better root system typically. They do get HUGE and when they are mature (we have a HUGE one) you will smell all the fruit that drops that is too high to pick. I am VERY sick of the smell and go out a couple times a day to chuck the dropped fruit down the slope where I can’t smell it! katrina (ps Enida’s has fresh fruit you can buy, try, and plant the seeds! We have gotten canisteel, mamey, rambutans etc from there. They even had a Jackfruit one time (we already have a couple of those trees though).

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