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I Suck at Growing Carrots and The Chicken Tractor Gets a Paint Job…

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So apparently, I suck at growing carrots. This is what my carrots look like after being in the ground for over 6 months…

The carrots I grew:
Crazy Puerto Rican Carrots

I got sick of waiting for my carrots to grow, so I ripped them out of the garden to free up some garden real estate and fed the carrots to the new chickens. I have another batch of carrots that are doing a bit better then this first batch, which I think just wasn’t getting enough light.

Although I do like to grow things, I’m not exactly a farmer, I simply am taking advantage of the tropical conditions that we live in, where tons of plants flourish with little to no effort. Waiting 6 months for barely a bite of carrot is not my speed, especially when organic California carrots are available for $0.99 per lb at the local Edwards grocery store. I instead planted bok choy and lechuga, both of which grow like weeds here, in the spot that the carrots were idly living.

In other news, I painted the chicken tractor! Its new green camo paint job looks way better out there in the yard:

Camo Chicken Tractor Coop

The chicken tractor has been a huge success and ALL of the chicks are still alive (uh, way better success rate then the last botched temporary coop, I’m sorry to say…) and they are eating the weeds and bugs in the yard while fertilizing it for us. Another great thing about the chicken tractor is that the older hens hang out around it and are totally used to having the new chicks around. I think we will have less of a pecking (your eye out) order problem when we finally combine the new flock with the old.

I also made one more tweak to the chicken tractor and added an access door more towards the center. Having only one access on the end made it nearly impossible to catch the chicks.


4 thoughts on “I Suck at Growing Carrots and The Chicken Tractor Gets a Paint Job…

  1. katrina kruse

    Carrots? The soil is too heavy. You might be able to grow them in more of a sand/perlite potting soil but it really isn’t worth it here. You’d have to have the pot out of the rain (compacts that dirt and makes things gnarly). Cool tractor…

  2. Liz

    Katrina that’s interesting since it seems all other root veggies grow in PR with no problem.
    Summer those are interesting carrot colors. I never knew they existed.

  3. Andra

    Carrots are a cold weather crop, which may be why you were having trouble. They prefer temps from the 50’s to about the 70’s. We grow them in the winter here in the states. Yours don’t look half bad, though. I enjoy reading your blog. We are constantly learning more about life in PR. Thank you for sharing your family and daily life with us.

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