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Kuta Gets Naked

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Kuta has a pretty thick coat, which is no bueno in the heat of Puerto Rico. Before I left for San Diego, we tried to shave him, but our clippers were too dull. So, when we got back a month later, he was a stinky, wooly mammoth. I just got the new clipper blades in the mail, so Kuta got naked:

Wooly Kuta Dog
hot australian shepard dog

Kuta with his right side done:
hot australian shepard dog

Almost there:
shaved australian shepard dog

Luckly, Kuta likes getting shaved (it tickles him) and he is SO much happier after getting all of that hair shaved off! He’s back to running around the yard, where are before he would just lay in the house panting.


4 thoughts on “Kuta Gets Naked

  1. jeff kruse

    So is there doggy sunscreen? We sometimes hose the cats and they don’t mind – it’s like they are in a Steven King novel when they roam around with open mouths panting! katrina

  2. Rosa

    I have a long hair cat and I also shave her in the summer, she looks so big with all the hair and so tiny when she is shaved.

  3. Bulbboy

    Love that middle pic. Kuta looks like he is pointing, but I’m guessing that you caught him mid-motion.

    If I tried to shave my long haired nebelung she’d freak at the noise of the clippers!

  4. fernando

    Is Kuta an Australian sheep dog? I have a friend looking for a boyfriend for theirs. They live in Rincon as well. I have one, but poor boy was just neutered.

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