California to Puerto Rico


16 thoughts on “Look Out Puerto Rico, Here We Come

  1. Brian

    Hey, I have been following your blogs since the story on Digg about Summer being tasered. My wife and I are going to be PR next spring and I was wondering if you know anything good or bad about the El San Juan hotel? Would it be a good place to stay? Thank you!

  2. Summer

    Brian – The El San Juan Hotel is our favorite hotel! Best and most fun hotel in Puerto Rico as far as we are concerned. Is this your first time in PR?

  3. ROBIN

    Stefan my friends and I rented a house in Rincon for the holidays. We will be doing a lot of cooking – what if anything would you suggest that we bring food wise for supplies. I have read alot of complaints about food availability etc. We are in our 30’s and like to eat well.

  4. stefan

    @Robin: I recommend bringing only the stuff you can’t live without. Since you will all be cooking a lot, you will be able to cook great food with what is available to you down here, it just might not be what you are used to. Bring your computer and get ready to Google ingredients and start experimenting!

  5. Jason

    First, let me say first I enjoyed reading (from the beginning) your blog about moving to PR. My wife & I visited last summer & I have dreamed of moving there ever since. I look forward to every update to get one more glimpse of my future home.

    The main reason for my comment is the women behind Stefan on the plane (I assume). The look is priceless!

    Anyway, thanks again for the blog. Look forward to more updates.

  6. linda

    Lost in thought this afternoon, we were heading back up the hill from Maria’s and as we turned towards Domes I “think” I saw the “3” of you at Calypso. It was a quick glimpse. I know we have never met, but how weird is it so see someone you “follow” on a blog. anyway… am I right?
    (We have a blue element.. not that yo would have noticed). I do hope we meet one of these days.
    And, I AM SO HAPPY to be back in Rincon.

  7. stefan

    Yeah, we did go to Calypso for lunch today…followed by a walk down to Maria’s. It looks like Surfrider planted a bunch of tree’s in the parking lot. Looking good!

  8. linda

    one of these days we will see you and introduce ourselves. We have people in common.
    look for us on facebook too… linda duerr and bob duerr
    ps. we live on bummer hill when in town, otherwise, manasquan nj.

  9. Rosa

    Linda – you live in Manasquan? We live in Tinton Falls! And our house in Rincon is in Pineapple Hill! What a small world 🙂

  10. Brian

    Thank you for the replies, we did book the correct hotel. This will be my second trip and my wife’s first. However the last time I was in PR was about 15 years ago. We are going mid March so hopefully the weather will be nice!

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