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Mas Gallinas! Salmon Faverolle’s and Ameraucanas

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After building a chicken coop and buying 6 chickens from the local agro last year, we’ve really come to enjoy what the chickens bring to the table. They eat bugs, fertilize the lawn and produce tasty fresh eggs for us to eat. Unfortunately, the agro assured us that the 6 chicks we purchased were all female, but we ended up with 3 roosters and 3 hens. After a bit of natural selection, our 6 “hens” became 2 roosters and 2 hens and 2 eggs a day wasn’t really cutting it between Stefan, Sydney and myself. So, I decided that it was time to add to our flock and fill up that sweet coop that Stefan built.

I did a bit of research and not wanting to risk acquiring any more roosters, I decided to order pre-sexed chicks online from a professional hatchery. The minimum order is 15 chicks, so I purchased 5 Salmon Faverolle chickens and 10 Ameraucanas (or Easter Egg Chickens). The Salmon Faverolle’s are unique because they have an extra toe on each foot, feathered legs and a beard, and the Ameraucanas are cool because they lay colored eggs (green, blue and pink). 15 new chickens seemed like an awful lot, so I sold a couple of the Ameraucanas, and unfortunately we lost a few chicks to the perils of Puerto Rico. Monkey the dog killed one, Chichieto the cat killed two and a mongoose got two more. So the new chicks have been culled down to 7 Ameraucanas and 1 surviving Salmon Faverolle.

This is the sole surviving Salmon Faverolle, whom I’ve named “Skipper”:
Skipper Salmon Faverolle Chicken Puerto Rico
Hi! My name is Skipper and I’m a Salmon Faverolle chicken. I’m from Missouri and moved to Puerto Rico when I was one day old. Please don’t ask about my 4 sisters. Thanks.

Our newest chickens are now 3 months old, so we should start getting eggs in the next month or two. Pictures of the Ameraucanas and their pretty colored eggs to follow! πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Mas Gallinas! Salmon Faverolle’s and Ameraucanas

  1. Rosana

    Hahahaha!!!! you guys are hilarious. I bet Sydney is having a blast with the chickens. Hope it works out with the remaining chickens.

  2. Summer

    Carol – We average about 1 egg per day per chicken. Sometimes we get 2 eggs from one chicken in one day!

    Rosana – Sydney is a little intimidated by the chickens now that they are bigger and I hear a lot of: “Mommy ayudame! They’re going to peck me!”. But she seems to be warming up to them since they are so friendly (and like to be hand fed). πŸ™‚

  3. Rosana

    I totally understand her. I used to be scared of chickens when I was growing up, living in PR, for that same reason, the damn pecking πŸ™‚ The Dora-like cry for help must be really funny. Good luck

  4. Summer

    Rosana – Oh my gosh, “the Dora-like cry for help” has me rolling! She says it in a very telanovela style as well (as in she isn’t really scared, she is just being dramatic, as “drama” is a new/fun concept to her at the moment…haha).

  5. Clayton Perry

    Hi Love you blog I just signed up.
    I do have a question which got me to your site. I built a 2 chicken coup but can not now seem to find anyone to sell me two hens. I live on St Croix just about 45 miles ease of you watch out for the first puddle …. I see you got your hens locally and was wondering if I could get a phone number to call then I will try to figure out how to get them here…lol
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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