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Netflix in Puerto Rico!

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Netflix is in Puerto RIco!

Netflix is in Puerto RIco!

We don’t have cable TV. The main reason is because I am a television addict. Sit me in front of a TV after 7:00pm and I am useless. I go into a hypnotic state and am pretty much good for nothing. Also, Time Warner Cable Choice Cable won’t bring cable to our neighborhood (even though we are on a main road with cable).

When we do watch TV, we decide which show we are going to watch and watch it on Hulu or one of the many streaming movie services on the web. The streaming movie services are all based in other countries that allow it and they are usually plagued with pop up advertisements, are poor quality and are anything but consistant.

We have been members of Netflix for years and when we are in California or traveling, we take advantage of their online streaming movies and tv shows, but they only owed the rights for the 50 states and when streaming was attempted from Puerto Rico, it wouldn’t stream and in place of the movie/tv show it would state that they don’t have the rights to show the program in Puerto Rico.

Well, all that has changed now. I received an email from Netflix yesterday saying their service now works in Puerto Rico! Yeah, cheers to Netflix for making the effort to gain the Puerto Rico market. We are stoked.

Last night I stayed up way too late watching a movie in bed on my laptop, and I’m stoked!! The streaming was SUPER fast, it never got interrupted or lost its quality.


17 thoughts on “Netflix in Puerto Rico!

  1. Jeff

    We have Dish and love it. I have 95 shows I watch yet the DVR is only 80% full. There are a lot of new shows on HBO, Showtime, and the other “cable” stations.

    How are you “streaming” the shows? You must have good cable internet for that? Our wireless internet is only a few times faster than dialuo.

  2. Wil

    Hi Stefan.
    What does internet cost a month in North West PR? And is it pretty reliable?


  3. Brian

    Awesome news, I just checked netflix and it still says it’s not available in “your country”. In the email did they give any hint on when streaming would be available? By the way love your site.

  4. James

    Hey Stefan, You know you can stream netflix wirelessly to your tv instead of watching on a laptop. PS: any shows netflix doesn’t have.. dont waste time streaming, get usenet/newsgroups 😉

  5. Stefan

    It’s very ironic, I just posted a response and when I hit submit, the Internet went down and I lost everything I wrote.

    Let’s try this again.

    @Jeff: You don’t need super fast Internet to watch streaming movies. Check out and see if you can watch any shows and you’ll know if your Internet is fast enough.

    @Wil: We pay $99 a month for Dmax Business Internet. You can get it much cheaper, but since we work online there is no need to go cheap to save a few bucks. Sometimes the Internet goes down, but I’m not sure if it PRT or the fact that we have a splitter and two Vonage modems hooked up to the network also. The Tech team at DMAX tells me that that breaks the network…

  6. Fran and Steve

    I wanna watch Netflix movies on our wide-screen TV, sitting next to my honey on our leather recliners! Is that ever going to happen in PR??? — Fran

  7. Esther Rosado

    HI there! I have a friend that got bitten in PR and is in the hospital so I was looking up centipede info and came across your blog. I had considered living in PR once and I have visited, but didn’t see how anyone could get work out there unless you were a local and fluent. Do you have your own business for support? And do you feel safe? And how is rapport with the neighbors?

  8. Esther Rosado

    One more question since I am so curious and amazed. Sorry but when I went out there some years back I visited San Juan and Arecibo and I didn’t see many non hispanics. I think you guys make living in Puerto Rico look very natural and inviting, but aside from the usual apprehensions, were you a little afraid about being accepted by the community? I was born and raised in Chicago, moved to Texas which I call home now, and can’t imagine making such a drastic move across the sea. I’d feel like l was in another country. You guys are awesome! What did your family think about the move, your parents mainly?

  9. Rosa

    get closer to your husband Fran since NetFlix is happening in PR. In the mother land…we received a notice that the rates are going up!

  10. Coupon Frugality

    We have not had a cable bill for a really really long time, and enjoy our Netflix subscription. It’s so nice to NOT have to watch those stupid commercials. I think more companies should offer commercial free streaming content!!!

  11. Frank Muniz

    Funny I have Choice cable tv in Aguadilla and when I goto netflix website it tells me “We’re not sure you will be able to sign up for Netflix from your area.” but I already have an account from when I lived in NY. I wonder what can I do to fix this.

    • Stefan

      Frank – If you call Netflix, their customer service will fix that for you. We got the same message when we signed in for the first time here and they had us up and running in under 10 minutes. Netflix has great customer service.

  12. Frank Muniz

    Stefan – Yea I called them today and they said I need to call my ISP because I have a Geo filter and the ISP needs to redirect me to the US, what ever that means, I just hope that doesn’t mess with my gaming since Battlefiled 3 is soon to come. Thanks for the Help.

  13. Alane

    @Esther Rosado – Hi Esther, I lived down their for 6/7 years, with very little to no spanish, I managed to get a job, and always felt safe. Safety is common since just like anywhere you would live in the US. I use to bring my children to Old San Juan at night it is very beautiful and safe.

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