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Oh Puerto Rico, You’ve Become so Predictable…

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Today Stefan and I were shopping at the Kmart in Mayaguez and I noticed a big ol’ sign that proclaimed, “Shop anytime at!”. I thought to myself, “Well that’s cool! I would much rather shop online then stand in the ridiculous lines that seem to plague every Kmart in Puerto Rico”. When we got home I fired up the computer and went to I turned to Stefan and said, “How much you want to bet that won’t deliver to Puerto Rico?” We both laughed and I proceeded to add all the items I needed (curtains and curtain rods) to my shopping cart. I went to check out and guess what? When you fill out your shipping address there is an option for every state, APO addresses and every US territory…EXCEPT FOR PUERTO RICO. First off, I have to ask: What sort a moronic management does the Kmart in Mayaguez have exactly, that would put up signage advertising, when you can’t actually SHOP at if you live in Puerto Rico? With this in mind (they can’t really be that stupid), I call and point out that there must be some sort of mistake on the website. No, no mistake. does not accept orders from Puerto Rico. But they gave me a phone number where I can supposedly place an order over the phone. I call the number (888-258-8869) and get a generic message, “The party you are trying to reach is not answering. Your call will now be disconnected.”

Seriously? WTF…


16 thoughts on “Oh Puerto Rico, You’ve Become so Predictable…


    Havent been in Mayaguez in years .But try to get these stores dont know if they are in PR.Pitusa,Donato sometimes in these local stores you get better deals than Kmart.Still dont know if these stores are in Mayaguez or Aguadilla i know they are in Rio Piedras look El Nuevo Dia Sunday newspaper in big classified section dont know if they are in San Juan Star newspaper by the way does San Juan Star still exist

  2. Rosa

    I wanted to send a gift to my niece in Trujillo Alto from….now her sister works there in Carolina…when I tried to submit the order, the shipping cost was about what I was spending for her gift..if the gift was $65…shipping was $51….ridiculous!

    I was pissed. But I found a way, I bought an e-gift card, which she got the email in 24 hrs and was able to use the gift card right away, so I did not have to mail it to her. I still think, how ridiculous.

  3. Ivan

    Maybe there is a Kmart Puerto Rico website. Or maybe the manager thought that Puerto Rico was closer to becoming the 51rst state. šŸ™‚


    Ivan i hope that statehood thing never happened i Puerto Rico otherwise LA ISLA DEL ENCANTO will be Rincon multiply by 50.


    Stefan thats simple what i mean about comment of Rincon multiply by 50 is that PR will be like a carbon copy of Hawaii.IN Hawaii now is only 9 percent of population the rest of it live in Vegas, Portland ,Seattle california. The case of PR most real estate will come expensive so the people that cant live in PR will live in these cities NYC,Boston Providence RI Chicago, Delaware ,O rlando and Philadelphia locations of puertoricans living in MainlandMost likely will loose their own traditions an example like cockfighting well be inundated by enviromental activist freaks. Will loose their own music own language withing 1 generation it will happen like Hawaii wilth the ALOHA spirit already lost. When people ask me about PR i tell them is like HONG KONG BEFORE 1997 the only difference is that HONG kONG NEVER FOUGHT FOR England in any war and Puerto Rico did sice WORLD WAY 1 TILL THIS PRESENT IN AFGHANISTAN for a President that cant vote

  6. MJ

    Yeah, let’s keep those environmental activists freaks out of here, since they just want to keep the land beautiful and the sea clean…what a crazy idea for Puerto Rico!

    I’d go into how Hawaii has a tremendous and very active cultural grounding…but somehow, I don’t think that would matter here. Not being a person for statehood, I’m happy just like it is…if those wacky environmental people can keep PR from being concreted over…it’s not taking statehood to ruin PR, it’s just taking greed.

  7. Allison Karnes

    I myself am a Walmart shopper (regularly!) and I just tried an offer that I found online to get a giftcard. There were a few hoops to jump through but in the end I got a $500 gift card (took me about 1.5 hours). I’m a regular reader and saw you wrote about Walmart so I thought I’d share with you and you’re readers. Hopfully everyone else can have the same experience I did this holiday season!

  8. Frank Gonzalez

    Originally from Rincon, now living in NY, but soon going back for good after 46 yrs. We just builded a house in Calvache near the schools. I”m very familiar with everything that my beatiful Rincon has to offer. Also planin to do a lots of agriculture, my land is not that big but I think I could plant some bananas, papayas, gandule{we already have some planted} also beans and pumpkins,yams{both yellow and white}. Your paaya tree looks magnificent and soon to be picked, but wait until they are a bit yellow. As for the bananas you can cut them when they are green or regular cooking[must be nice and full} You can pick them when thy start to get yellow hang them in your porch with rope and you can start eating them as te get ripe. The best time is when they start getting some dark spot, but don’t let them stay to much on the sun.
    I”ll be in touch when we get to Rincon and get together foe Presidente or a Medalla. By the way my nice Jenny owns a beauty parlor in front of the entrance to Coffressi hotel, so if you wife r you ever need a good hair treatment she is your girl. Just tell her that I send you and she might charge double, lol.
    Enjoy your life in Rincon.
    By the way your baby is gorgeous. Glod Bless

  9. Javi

    Last time I went shopping at Plaza Las Americas I noticed how the major chain stores are carbon copies of the ones in the mainland, not just the decoration but also the merchandise. Old Navy had nothing but fleeces and sweaters in December, which would’ve been fine except that in PR the temperature was in the high 80’s! So I’m guessing some poor Kmart manager at the PR store was forced to put a sign because the corporate decor guidelines manual said so.

  10. Eli

    Bah! Is like that for everything. Better use eBay and USPS since UPS and FedEX prices are abusive (but I guess you already know that). Anyways, is the same thing with Costco, Sears, Walmart and others that provide online shopping. But what about business that are 100% online, try Dell, Apple, etc, same stupidity. What about corporate business? It is not Cisco, IBM or Microsoft but Cisco Latinamerica (Mexico), IBM Southamerica. Microsoft is even more funny since it have a manufacturing plant here. Software boes came out with a “Made in USA (Puerto Rico) sticker” but when you try to claim coupon rebates or stuff like that they say “It does not include Puerto Rico” PREPROSTEROUS!!! Hey corporate people wake up! Puerto Rico is part of the USA as a non-incorporated territory… wait a minute ehhh that doesn’t make sense. Ok but we are not a separate foreign country of Latin America neither… hmmm ok now I’m confused :-\

  11. Reinaldo

    AS i said in the past Puerto Rico is like Hong Kong used to be for England.The only diffence is that PR fougt in every mayor war on 20th century till this war on terror in Afghanistan and Irak.thats how we earn its citizenchip on the other hand Hong Kong never fought for England

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