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Our Trees are Ready for Battle!

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We’ve planted several dozen (50ish) citrus, exotic fruit and avocado trees on our property, and while many of them are flourishing and doing well, unfortunately we keep losing trees to careless weedwackers. Recently we’ve lost a canepa, tangerine, kumquat and avocado in the battle that is maintaining our property. No bueno!!

We made another trip out to the nursery and spent a couple hundred dollars on a new batch on injertado (grafted) fruit trees and this time, we are protecting our investment! Stefan came up with a plan of using PVC pipe to create little tree jackets to protect our trees from wayward weedwackers. While this is a great plan, it’s kind of a pain in the butt to go buy PVC and cut it to fit each tree, so I made a trip down to the $1 store and bought a bunch of plastic hair curlers. They are much easier to cut then PVC, and you can just add more curlers if the tree is taller. Hopefully this will work!

Our new batch of fruit trees:

Our trees wear fashionable light blue “armor”:


7 thoughts on “Our Trees are Ready for Battle!

  1. katrina kruse

    I cut the bottoms out of the pots they come in and plant them that way – keeps the soil around the roots, keeps the soil from getting washed away, gives Jeff a heads up that the tree is “real” and is big enough to leave in place when the trunk gets big. Not as attractive as the curlers, but still works! In Seattle we cut liter pop bottles to put around new bamboo shoots – the squirrels loved to eat the new shoots. Sometimes we forgot slits and couldn’t get them off easily… Oh, the pots keep chickens from scratching around the new stuff too… I don’t know where they come from but they always know when I plant seeds or plants and come to dig stuff up!

  2. Steven

    When the trees get too big for what you are using, maybe try plastic drain tile. It cuts easy and it is flexible so you can remove it when it out grows it.

  3. amy sandoval

    Thats a good idea for your trees. I was just there over christmas/ new year and have noticed that the pet population has exploded. Everywhere I looked there were dead dogs on the sides of the roads. Ive been to Puerto Rico many times before and stay with family in Coamo and it seems like there is more druggies, more people asking for money, and more stray animals all over the island. They have got to get a handle on it because it is starting to look really bad. I love Puerto Rico so dont think Im bad mouthing it in fact Im planning on moving there . I just hope that they get a handle on it. I love reading your blog, and when I was there I went to Rincon and kept a eye out for you guys so I could say hi. Oh well maybe next time.

  4. Luis


    I hope to return to Puerto Rico in the following months to remodel my apartment. I wanted to put in hard wood floors but note that barely anybody in Puerto Rico has them. I was curious to know yoru experiences with them.

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