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Please Keep The Poop Off The Patio

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We absolutely love our chickens. They run around the yard all day like little dinosaurs and scratch up our lawn looking for insects, leaving their wonderful fertiliser behind, we get delicious fresh eggs from them (and we know what they were fed) and we love the fact that Sydney is growing up around farm animals. I love the fact that our daughter knows that eggs come from the chickens and not from the store.

We all know that as with most things, good is usually accompanied by bad. Nothing too bad, but if you’re like me you like to streamline your life into as few steps as possible so you have time to take new fun steps and spend your time enjoying things you love instead of a daily grind (which in this case was shooing chickens and cleaning up their poop).

Here’s the bad. Chickens poop everywhere! Not just where you want them to poop (grass, coop, yard etc), the chickens poop on the fence, on the cars, on the porch and the patio. These girls really poop a lot too…especially where they roost. Up until we owned chickens, I thought they only roosted in their coop, but they roost wherever they please when they are tired and once they find a good spot, they go there everyday. Our hens started roosting under our new back deck and pooping EVERYWHERE.

I searched and searched trying to find a way to keep the chickens away without putting up a fence and couldn’t find anything that didn’t involve chemicals or fences. Finally, I found the solution that we are using today on It is a motion activated sprinkler that fires off short burst of water to scare the chickens away when they walk in front of it. Check out the video I put together showing the effectiveness of the Scarecrow motion activated sprinkler. This thing really saved my back patio. It cost $50 and was well worth every penny.

Check Out The Motion Activated Sprinkler In Action



16 thoughts on “Please Keep The Poop Off The Patio

  1. Kirsten

    I laughed so hard! I have to say one of the reasons I’ve stayed away from raising chickens is because of the poop factor so thank you for giving me a way out of my excuse! πŸ™‚

  2. Pam

    LOL that is hilarious! I can just imagine sitting there with a Medalla waiting for the hapless poopers to wander past! You should sell tickets!

  3. Vickie Hendren

    Hi guys! My husband and I enjoy reading your blog. We also would like to move to PR from CA. Can you recommend a good mortgage broker and real estate agent? Any advice/ tips for moving to PR would be welcomed.

    • Stefan

      Vickie – Unfortunately I can’t recommend anyone to you. I can tell you that your best be is to rent down here for at least 6 months before you buy anything. Learn the neighborhoods, noise factors, distance to beach etc and then start looking at properties on your own. Ask around to see if anyone is selling and go from there.

      As far as mortgages go, we have had nothing but problems with EVERY bank we have ever dealt with. At the moment, I am trying to refinance AGAIN and Banco Popular wants to charge $14,000 in closing fees and Oriental won’t return my calls after getting them all of our paperwork over a month ago. You’ll learn, getting things done down here will take you longer and may cost you more money than the mainland, but that’s the cost of paradise. You gotta love it or leave it πŸ™‚

      There is a great house in our neighborhood that is for sale right now…great ocean views, built VERY strong, big garage, lots of property and in a private dead end road neighborhood. I think it is a 4 bedroom 3 bath and the owners are asking $400k.

  4. Rosana

    Happy New Year guys!!! I was missing your posts so bad. Good idea to “control” your chickens πŸ™‚ How many times a year do you get to use that firepit? I am from Ponce, right next to the coast and we did not have any use for one but I have no idea how different is the weather in Rincon.

  5. Cassie

    This is awesome! Love the video too. Thanks for the tip. In Colorado this wouldn’t work very well in the winter, but we will have to do this when we move to PR in a few months! We love our chickens, but the patio poop is a pain. We’ve just been sweeping or hosing it off every now and then and squirting them with a water bottle sometimes, but this would work even better and on auto-pilot! Nice job! πŸ™‚

  6. Summer

    Rosana – We built the firepit for burning our burnable trash (cardboard, paper, etc) and because our daughter loves roasting marshmallows. It was cheap to put in (dug a hole, lined it with cinder blocks and did a little concrete form for the top.) and it’s a fun addition to the property!

  7. Summer

    And yes, the motion-activated sprinkler is the best for keeping the chickens out of certain places. It wasn’t that big of a deal when we had four, but we have 14 chickens now, which adds up to a lot of poop!

  8. Pam

    Hey Stefan-
    I have friends in Aguadilla that might be interested in that house in your neighborhood. Can you email me directions from 115, or tell me if they’ve got it on the web somewhere?

  9. Jeff

    Katrina would say that the chicken poop would eat the paint off the patio floor.

    Use clasificados online to find a house and use a mortgage broker to finance. In selling our house last year we went through 3 buyers and 4 banks to get the deal done. Moneyhouse finaly got the deal done.

  10. Daisy

    Nice!!! I loved that video! I’ve been following your blog for a while now. I really have been enjoying all of the experiences you’ve shared. SO many beautiful pictures and stories. My husband and I are going to be visiting Rincon soon and we hope to someday move there. He works from home as a graphic designer and I’m hoping I can get an online position at my job. If so, it would be our dream to live there in PR. Your blog is so informative. Thank you! – Sincerely, Daisy & Markus

  11. Solymar

    hi I live about 20 min from Rincon, I was wondering what kind of chikens do you have My husband and kids what Easter eggers but I so afraid of buying and having them shipped as our snail mail on the island is so great…

  12. James Abroad

    How funny! Growing up as a kid in Missouri we also chickens (although ours were rhode island reds) and the big problem I had with them? The roosters were very aggressive! Any time you turn your back on them they’d attack and claw the piss out of you.

    One day I had a 2×4 I clobbered one with as it lunged at me and even after several swings he continued to charge. It was only by chance that we discovered the water hose would send them running instantly!

  13. Summer

    James – Oh roosters! I quickly learned my lesson and sent ours packing. It certainly seems like the more you fight them off, the more aggressive they are. We have 13 chicken and no mas gallinos.

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