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Puerto Rico Electrical Craziness – Christmas Lights

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The town of Rincon does a wonderful job with their Christmas and Three Kings Day lights every year. This year was no different, aside from the fact that they had bigger trees to drape the lights across. The town planted all new trees and plants about 5 years ago and completely rebuilt the square. It looks great. Not only is it nice now, but much like our yard, daydreaming of how nice the square will be in 10 years with tons of shade from all the grown up trees it will be amazing.

Summer, Sydney and I were walking around the square a few weeks ago and I took a closer look at how the municipality hung and powered the holiday lights. Now, maybe it’s just because Brian Henry (aka: The Mad Electrician) is so talented and is certified in all the necessary codes to run safe power and I dip my feet in the civil litigation pool for a living, but the holiday lighting in Rincon is absolutely insane. Instead of planning ahead and putting in power outlets at each section of trees (separated by concrete sidewalks), they simply spliced into the power of the gazebo and ran 3 wire taped together from tree to tree. There are no boxes and the wires are low enough to the ground to touch. Completely rigged. Check out this picture. Felicidades Rincon!


10 thoughts on “Puerto Rico Electrical Craziness – Christmas Lights


    !!!ja ja ja Carol you are so funny, why dont you laugh to AMISH people. They live mostly in state of PENSYLVANIA,OHIOand INDIANA . Guess what they dont ride on cars , they dont use electricity on their homes.They dont have or use phone on their homes.Go laugh at them ,they are very funny LOL

  2. MJ

    Darn, I thought you were going to have some photos of the lights! Bottom line is, that’s often how things are done around the islands. As many times as I’m sure disaster is going to happen when I watch things get done around here, it never does and everything turns out fine…the lawsuit happy folk and OSHA just don’t have the same reality here. Which is fine with me!

  3. Carol

    Wow Reinaldo, you don’t need to take it so personal. I’m boricua too, I was just laughing about ourselves because I thought it was funny. I’m not gonna laugh about Amish people because I respect their way of life and you don’t have to get mad for nothing. Feliz Navidad!!!


    Carol what i said in last comment is a comedy act that i found on tv from a comedian whose name Jim Brewer.I never take any comment personal specially from a blog.This is like Facebook to have a little fun

  5. Carol

    Ok then! Is just that is a little difficult to understand a joke when you are not seeing or listening to the other person. 🙂

  6. Hector

    It was done by the local town certified ELECTROCUTADOR, yea may have to do with population control LOL:o)

  7. theodore mattson

    I am an electrician living in MN. with my wife and two boys. We were thinking of moving to PR. what are the elec. lic. requirements for electricians there? we were just in rincon I almost died surfing by the light house, I love the area but may buy a place higher in elevation inland a bit. I am from MN. and a few thousand feet in elevation means a few degrees lower temp.

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