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Jul, 2015

Rain + Mud = Sketchy Lumber Delivery

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The location of the casita is at the far end of the property at the bottom of the hill. We have built stairs from the house for family and there is a cool trail that goes down to the casita from the top of the driveway.

The location we chose adds an element of difficulty to delivering building supplies. Every concrete pour requires a pump truck to ‘pump’ concrete from the truck to the location ($175 plus $10 per hose section past the 30ft that comes with the truck) and every time we have had wood delivered we have had to talk the driver into driving down the neighbor’s driveway to get closer to the casita.

Yesterday, we had some wood delivered after a big rain. The driver wasn’t sketched out about going down the hill, but he was afraid he would get stuck and not be able to get back up. I assured him that if he got stuck, I would pay for a backhoe to tow him out. This extra assurance that he wouldn’t be stuck there all day gave him the confidence to charge the hill. We were getting about 70 sheets of plywood delivered along with some 2x10x18’s – paying for a backhoe to tow the truck rather than carrying each sheet to the bottom of the hill was worth the money.

He slipped a little on the way down, but it didn’t seem to sketchy. The bad part was once he got to the bottom. All of the sediment from the driveway was pushed to the bottom of the driveway and there was a good 2 inches of very soft slippery mud. After we unloaded all the wood, the driver spent about 20 minutes trying to get up the slick road and finally gave up. I got on the phone and called the three backhoe drivers I know and none of them were available to tow the truck out. A few of the guys helping me on the project drove into town to try to find more drivers (hanging out drinking Medalla) and I started calling friends to see who knew a driver with a machine that would be available NOW.

Ultimately, my buddy Dennis over at Pools Beach Cabana’s in Barrio Puntas called the guy that just finished working on their renovation of the property and got us a backhoe to tow the truck out. I let the driver know that a backhoe was on the way and apparently that inspired him to give it one more go. He hopped in the truck and charged the hill. He was sliding all over the place and it looked super sketchy. I yelled to him just to wait for the backhoe, but he kept charging the slick, muddy hill so I pulled out my phone and recorded his charge. On his third attempt, he made it!

It’s hard to see in the video, but on the right side of the road where next to the tall grass is a drop to the bottom. Towards the top of the driveway, it is about a 30ft drop.

The experience definitely shook the driver up. When he got to the top of the hill, he got out of the truck, walked up to me and hugged me.


11 thoughts on “Rain + Mud = Sketchy Lumber Delivery

  1. Barbara Schutt

    Wow, that looked scary with the 30ft drop on the right! What a challenge just getting the supplies to the casita site.

    • Stefan

      It’s not the easiest spot to build on the property, but it’s the best spot for the casita. It is going to be such a relaxing private spot. We have some friends building in a very ‘hard to get to’ spot on their property. You should check out their blog here!

  2. Kristen Spear

    Wow. So glad all are well! Gotta love the rains here. I would love to know the area you guys are in if you dont mind. We are currently house hunting in the Rincon, Aguada, Anasco area and are having trouble finding one with a little land.

    • Stefan

      We are just up the street from downtown Rincon. We got really luck to find this place with all the land it has. There is a house for sale in our neighborhood (Sector Vargas) for $400k (3 bedroom, 3 bath + downstairs apartment) and there is a house for sale just up the 414 that has 3 units. A 3 bedroom and two 1 bedroom units that has 4 acres. Both spots have insane ocean views.

  3. Chris

    We are thinking of building there as well. Could you give us a rough estimate of what the cost per sq. ft. is to build in that area?

  4. Barbara Schutt

    Hola! Hope you are guys are doing well. How is the Casita coming along? I’d love to hear more on your blog, take care!

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