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Rincon Construction Project Number 72,212

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Summer and I have been working on our house for over two years now! I would like to say it seems like only yesterday that we bought the house and started construction, but living in it through every stage didn’t really make it go quickly.

We really are getting close though. We have been working much more outside on the landscaping and paint and empenatar work, but finally moved the next project to inside.

We are going to close up the ceiling in the basement with sophets and drywall and make it look real real nice. We are currently working on all the wiring downstairs, the future wiring for outdoor landscape lighting, power for our water purifier, our back porch lighting and a power source for an eventual pool area.

Once all the wiring is done, we are going to insulate the ceiling and close up the stairwell so we can have a fully climate controlled level of the house. This summer really taught us that it pays to have AC with a newborn. Sydney didn’t like taking naps very much all swaddled up when it’s 100 degrees.

Once I get some pictures I will upload them so you all can see the progress. I’ll also update you to where we bought the 3 wire and recessed cans which were very difficult to track down. Also, we had to reground all of the wiring downstairs that was in the block wall because the original electrician didn’t ground anything in the concrete. I don’t know if that is local standard or we had a lazy electrician with too man Medallas in him, but we blew out a bunch of battery back up units and Summers expensive sewing machine.


12 thoughts on “Rincon Construction Project Number 72,212

  1. katrina kruse

    I get tired just THINKING about doing things to the house! I don’t know how you guys have taken on such a huge project and made so much progress in so little time. I work outside (because I love to be outside) and have been avoiding doing inside work that needs to be done – re do 2 bathrooms that are horrific colors (every shade of teeny tiny blue tile with blue sink etc) and the small kitchen. I’d also like the floors ground down and refinished (terrazo). Every time I think about tearing out the tile and having one bathroom out of commission I just start something outside and avoid it. I know my plaster techniques aren’t good enough for inside and if it aint flat the tiles won’t lay flat. You guys are amazing! katrina

  2. Cap'n Jack

    Not really a comment but rather a request/plea for info. I am assuming you know Jim Sims or you wouldn’t be on his website. I have been trying to contact him for over a week without success. Last time I heard from him (on the 20th) he was ill. Is he okay?



    House looks beautiful but knowing the weather of Puerto Rico dont know if wood house could hold strong winds from hurracaines or thunderstorms.That house in my opinion from the photos i have seen from the web it was made the same way they do it in Continental US dont work in Puerto Rico weather

    • Summer

      Reinaldo – Looks can be deceiving ;). Our house has been through some of the gnarliest hurricanes and weather that PR has seen. There was no damage to it, even through Hurricane George.

  4. Rosa

    Oh please, my parents had a wood house and still have for the last 40 years! Oh btw, it is in Trujillo Alto PUERTO RICO.

  5. Jim Kelly

    Nice blog, Stefan. I’m in the process of moving to PR and your information is quite good. I run a couple of tourism websites and would like to build out from a base in Rincon.

    Any information on finding rentals for the time being would be appreciated. I’ve stayed at the fancy hotels and, although they are reasonable, they are not for long-term rentals.

    I’ll be coming down alone while my wife finishes up with some details at her job.

    You have a beautiful baby, by the way. Congrats to Summer.

    Jim Kelly
    (formerly from Laguna and San Diego)

  6. marcos

    I like page house looks good. i am a carpenter in boston i was born there .i want to move there .Iam looking for somthing that is not done house. i would like somthing away from water .ilike what you have done with the house .

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