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ATTENTION: There is a list of Rincon businesses at the bottom of this page. If you have any suggestions, let us know and we will add them.

Geographic Location of Rincon

Rincon Puerto Rico is located on the extreme North West side of Puerto Rico. As per the 2007 census, the population is around 17,000 people.

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Rincon is made up of eight neighborhoods (known as Districts or Wards):

  • Atalaya
  • Barrero
  • Calvache
  • Cruces
  • Emsenada
  • Jaguey
  • Puntas
  • Rio Grande
  • Rincon Pueblo

Circa de Rincon (Around Rincon)

East and North East of Rincon is Aguadilla and the Number 2 (Rt. 2) highway. The next town East of Aguadilla heading towards San Juan is Isabella. Immediately South of Rincon is Mayaquez and Rt. 2 (the Number 2 Highway).

Airports | Close and Far from Rincon

  • Luis Munoz International Airport (SJU | FAR from Rincon!)
  • Rafael Hernandez Airport (BQN | Close to Rincon!)
  • Mayaguez Airport (Closes to Rincon!)

Airport to Rincon Driving Times

The drive to Rincon is generally a two and half hour drive from the San Juan International Airport (Luis Munoz International Airport | SJU) and a thirty minute drive from the Aguada International Airport (Rafael Hernandez Airport | BQN). There is also a very small airport located in Mayaguez that is only about a 15 minute drive from Rincon Pueblo. For the most part, this airport caters to small puddle jumper flights from other cities in Puerto Rico as well as some of the surrounding Caribbean Islands. Cape Air is an airline with a fleet of 6 seater’s that fly around the Caribbean and the Nantucket area. One way flights from San Juan to Mayaguez usually rund around $70. Way cheaper than taking a Publico Taxi for up to two people…but be forewarned, No Surfboards allowed on these small planes!!!

Get Driving Directions to Rincon

As Puerto Rico would be the most populated state in the United States (if it were actually a state), be sure to avoid rush hour driving times or plan your arrival with a roadside break comprised of Pinchos and Medalla. If you’re here, it’s time to kick it island style (go to the stands with the most people, an empty pincho stand is never a good sign).

Airlines that fly into Aguadilla (closest major airport to Rincon):

  • Continental
  • Spirit Air
  • Jet Blue

Airlines that fly into Mayaguez (closest airport to Rincon):

  • Cape Air

If you are planning to travel around Puerto Rico via puddle jumper flights, a Cape Air Flight Coupon book is a good deal. You can use them to fly to Vieques, St. Thomas, San Juan and Mayaguez. The prices vary depending on the time of year, but we got 10 vouchers for around $500.

Places to stay in Rincon:

Rincon Business Listings

I pulled this list from the Rincon Service Directory group on Facebook. If you want up to date business info (sometimes we neglect the blog), go join the group. It’s awesome and a lot of the community regularly posts there.

(S) means they speak Spanish only, (E) means English only, and (S)(E) means bilingual. In the comments, please add additional info or service providers not listed!
Home-Related Services
Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration – Ramos Refrigeration 787-647-3550
Appliance Repair – Bonet Appliance Repair 787-642-1058
Appliance Repair/ Facilities Maintenance – Danny Clark (E) 757-869-7883
Appliance Repair – Silva Appliance Repair 787-868-2569
Appliance Repair – Maximino 787-430-4650
Appliance Repair – Papo Nevera 787-562-1360
Barbed Wire Fence – Kiko (S)(E) 939-283-3310
Barbed Wire Fence – Ramón (S)(E) 787-967-5880
Bee Keeper – Ian Carlo Pagan 787-424-0145
Bee Keeper – José Ariel Muñoz 787-243-5855
Bee Keeper – Néstor Otero 787-831-0985
Bee Keeper – Carlos Días Piferer 787-265-3879
Bee Keeper – Jorge Torres 787-265-2627
Bee Keeper – Rafael & Luis 787-629-8979
Carpenter – Terry Norman (E) 415-377-3319
Concrete Work – Alexis Rodriguez 787-240-8016/ 787-942-3997
Concrete Work – Onix (S)(E) 787-951-6855
Construction/Cement Work/Painting/Handyman – Edward (S)(E) 860-670-2606
Construction/Cement Work – Gilberto Vega 787-586-4450
Contractor – ASH Industries – Mark Andrews 787-464-1347 [email protected]
Electrician/AC Repair – Armando (S)(E) 787-214-2207
Electrician – López Electric – Samuel López (S)(E) 787-314-6418
Electrician – Wilson (S)(E) 787-458-0007
Excavator – David Ramos (S)(E) 787-560-4683
Excavator – Raul Torres (S) 787-375-2358
Exterminator – Aguada Exterminating – Melvin Perez (S) 787-214-1561
Handyman – Dan Clark – Refrigeration/HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing (E) 757-869-7883
Exterminator – Noel (S) 787-317-8449
Housekeeper – Lucy Rodriguez (S) 787-637-9512
Housekeeper – Maria Viviana Ruiz (S)(E) 787-315-3157/ 787-546-6386/ 939-697-8123
Housekeeper – Paulina Perez (E) 787-231-2104
Iron Gates – Luis (S) 787-379-5335
Kitchen Cabinets – David Scheible (E) 787-237-8580
Kitchen Cabinets – Eduardo Figueroa (S)(E) 787-632-1589
Kitchen Cabinets – Hector Rosado (S) 787-560-7354
Kitchen Cabinets – Hector Soto (S)(E) 787-391-1532
Landscaping/Yard Maintenance – Aaron P. (E) 787-529-7548
Landscaping/Yard Maintenance – BAJ Landscape – Bonny 787-464-2571
Landscaping/Yard Maintenance – Kelvin 787-593-9976
Landscaping/Yard Maintenance – Nelson Valera 939-358-9491
Landscaping/Yard Maintenance – Real Palms – Willie Julia 787-565-4675
Landscaping/Yard Maintenance – RPM Services (S)(E) 787-464-1347 [email protected]
Landscaping/Yard Maintenance – Under Pressure 787-231-2104
Landscaping/Yard Maintenance – Varo Landscaping Services – Varo (S)(E) 787-372-7240
Lumber/Wood/Madera – Comercial Toro (S) (Sometimes E)- 787-851-1510
Lumber/Wood/Madera -Don Benja True Value (S)(E) – 787-899-3025
Painter – Brushes on Fire – Bob Anderson 401-575-8252
Painter – Eduardo Figueroa (S)(E) 787-632-1589
Painter – Under Pressure 787-231-2104
Painter – Aloha Painting – (E) 787-233-3694 (painted our house and our back deck)
Plumber – Carlos 787-320-3323
Plumber/Electrician/Refrigeration – Danny Clark (E) 757-869-7883
Plumber/Electrician/Painter/Carpenter – Alexis Rodriguez 787-240-8016/ 787-942-3997
Plumber – Julio Tirado – Pronto Plumbing (S)(E) 787-314-3988
Plumber – Jose 787-629-8564 or 787-823-4888
Plumber – Tony 787-823-3881 or 787-594-4161
Tree Trimmer – Enrique 787-464-5609
Shipping/Mail Services
FedEx in Mayaguez – It’s in an industrial park on Rt 114, a little less than a mile south of DTOP/CESCO. Make a right at the light where Econo is on Route 2, go about a mile, turn right into the park, then make a left and FedEx is on the left. The address is Guanajibo Industrial Park St B Lot 7.

FedEx in Aguadilla – Located just down the street from Aguadilla airport at BQN Hangar 404.

UPS in Mayaguez – 787-834-1100. Open 1-5 pm Monday-Friday. Heading South on Route 2, take a right at AutoLand, which is at km 148.4. Take a right at the UPS sign.

Emergency Services

State Police 787-823-2020
Municipal Police 787-823-1310
Fire Department 787-823-2330
Other Services

Acupuncture/Doula/Massage – Vivienne Miranda (S)(E) – 787-823-2885 or [email protected]
Advertising – Infix 787-361-6444/Postigo Martinez 787-340-6442
Animal Rescue – Defensa Animal de Rincón (DAR) (S)(E) [email protected]
Animal Rescue – Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) (S)(E) [email protected]
Art Classes – Gina Mikan (S)(E) 787-406-8061
Attorney/Notary – Aurora Rivera (S)(E) 939-630-0375
Attorney – Real Estate – Acevedo 787-823-6385
Auto Mechanic – Rafi Pedrosa 787-316-1493
Auto Mechanic – Veliz 787-360-6684
Babysitter – Mamma Mel’s Sitters (S)(E) 206-250-1862
Babysitter – Rincón Babysitting – Naomi Hobbs (S)(E) 787-246-9746
Babysitter – Tiah Scheible (E) 340-626-3646
Bicycle Repair – Rincon Mountain Bike Pro Shop (E) 787-967-7575
Dance Lessons – Salsa/Merengue/Bachata/Cha-Cha – 2Dance4Ever (S)(E) 787-431-0664
Dermatologist – Dra. Hilda Justiniano – Dermis Clinic 787-806-2222
Farrier – Johny Walker (S)(E) 916-317-7233
Fisherman – Fred 787-934-8345
Graphic Design & Printing – Javier Gil (S)(E) 787-685-4137
Hair/Microderm Abrasion – Unique Hair Studio (S)(E) 787-823-5200
Massage Therapist – Aileen Torres (S)(E) 404-545-2802/ [email protected]
Massage Therapist/Colonics – Gina Mikan (S)(E) 787-406-8061
Massage Therapist – Jeff Hudson (E) 415-596-5227
Pampered Chef – Megan O’Neil (E) 410-251-2754
Pet Groomer – Adrian 939-278-7558
Pet Groomer – Arlene Gomez (S)(E) 787-242-5671 [email protected]
Petsitter/Dog Walker/Housesitter – Happy Tails (E) 860-334-3442
Petsitter/Dog Trainer – PAW Terrie Hayward (S)(E) 787-235-6736
Petsitter – Rhianna (S)(E) 787-560-0944
Phone Repair – Khaos Mobile Repair – 787-672-1366
Phone Repair – Ricky’s Android & iPhone Solutions (S)(E) 939-202-1690
Photographer – Rachel Tanner (S)(E) 787-546-8544 or [email protected]
Photographer – Weddings/Events/Family/Property – Frances Davis (S)(E) 787-546-8957
Photographer/ Videographer – Javier Gil (S)(E) 787-685-4137/ fjaviergil.com
Photographer – Weddings/Events/Family/Maternity – Karism Photography (S)(E) 787-673-5000
Private Chef Services/Caterer – La Casa de Chef Mimi (S)(E) 939-969-8468
Private Chef Services/Caterer – Quality Thyme (S)(E) [email protected]
Spa Services – Sugaring Hair Removal/Nails/Hair – Tina Lorenzo (S)(E) 939-251-4502
Spanish Lessons – Spanish Immersion Rincón – Ana Isabel (S)(E) text 787-233-5330
Tow Truck – Edwin 787-553-2593
Tow Truck – Elvin 787-553-2593
Tow Truck – Esteban Towing 787-568-3325
Tow Truck – Fernando 787-661-1539
Tow Truck – Porto (S)(E) 787-464-8311
Tow Truck – Pum (S) 787-661-1539
Tow Truck – Rafi Pedrosa 787-316-1493
Travel Services/Vacation Planning – Rincón Vacations (S)(E) rinconvacations.com 787-632-2889
Web Design & Hosting – Javier Gil (S)(E) 787-685-4137
Wedding Coordinator – Rincón Events – Allison West (E) 404-668-7456
Wedding Coordinator – All Events – Sarah Rosario (S)(E) 787-556-8961


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