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Jul, 2013

San Juan Airport Parking Prices

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I am posting this to the blog because I would like to reference this price list more easily than digging through my pictures in iPhoto. This post is more for me than anyone else, but if you happen to bump into our site trying to figure out how much it’s going to cost you to park at the airport in San Juan (San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International) and go check out another island or fly to the mainland than I hope this has been helpful.

It seems every time I try to calculate the costs and time of flying versus driving I end up with a wildcard of parking at the airport.

Right now, I am trying to figure out if it is worth driving to SJU for a five day trip to florida or if I should fly on Cape Air. I’ll post a Cape Air schedule in and out of Mayaguez as well. The drive fron Rincon to San Juan is only about 90 miles but it takes anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on the traffic. If you fly out of Mayaguez on Cape Air you only need to show up about 10 minutes before your flight leaves and off you go.

Parking Garage Prices at San Juan Airport

San Juan Airport Parking Prices

San Juan Airport Parking Prices

Cape Air Flight Schedule – Rincon(ish) to San Juan

Cape Air Puddle Jumper Mayaguez to San Juan - July 2013

Cape Air Puddle Jumper Mayaguez to San Juan – July 2013

FYI: For this trip, 5 days parking, gas to SJU and tolls costs $5 more than a single round trip ticket on Cape Air. Since the entire family is going, we will save about $260 by driving to San Juan. The downside is the time spent in the car, but it is only about an hour more than the time we would have spent flying to San Juan and waiting for our flight. Spirit Air and Cape Air schedules don’t line up very well.


7 thoughts on “San Juan Airport Parking Prices

  1. James

    Do not forget the $8 in tolls you pay driving to San Juan each way. I know it is not big dollars, but it adds up.

  2. alej

    There are other options to the airport parking rip off, a few Park and Fly places near the airport charge about $9.00 per day, including airport drop off and pick up 24 hrs.

  3. Gwenn

    We found these people and have used them for years- There is an offsite parking lot by SJU airport that is only $8.99/day. They have a shuttle- you park your car at lot, pay for the # of days, they drive you to airport. At the end, you call for a pickup at airport, they shuttle you back to your car. No reservation required, they are open 24 hr/day.

  4. Eric

    Is the parking at MAZ free? I am in the same situation but commuting from Aguadilla. Thanks for posting the rates!

    • Stefan

      Eric – I’ll get the rates for short and long term parking at Mayaguez too. It used to be really inexpensive to park there but I think they caught on and are charging around $15 a day. It’s not cheap anymore. I’ll get some pricing and post them too.

  5. c

    If leaving PR for 3-6 months at a time, what are other long-term car parking options? I dont want to be paying $300/month x 6 months = $1800 for a car Im not using. $300/mo is like a car payment alone. Id rather not have to sell and rebuy a car every time I return.

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