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Scuba Diving in Rincon – Whales and Great Visability

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Summer and I have spent a lot of time in the water snorkeling around Rincon. We have snorkeled the entire point one time or another. Once I got my spear and dive equipment, we really went a lot.

We both discussed getting certified to scuba dive before we moved down here, but we got too busy and never made it happen. Then we moved into our house project, along came Sydney and here we are, still not certified to scuba dive. We read about the dive adventures over at the Kruse Chronicles and discuss how great getting certified would be, but we haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet.

Last winter, we booked a scuba diving trip thorough Taino Divers to Desecheo Island with friends that were visiting, but then found out Summer was pregnant so we couldn’t dive. Regardless of the non-scuba part of it, we still took the boat trip out to the island and snorkeled while everyone else dove. Since that trip, I have wanted to talk about how great it was, but we had no photos aside from a few of us loading up the boat.

The trip was really well organized and fun. As soon as you step into the equipment area, a feeling of teamwork and responsibility filled the air. We packed up our equipment into the back of their truck and walked down to the boat ramp. Once they beached the boat, we lined up and passed all of the equipment down the line and onto the boat. If loading all the equipment were left to the two Divemasters, it would have taken 2 hours to load up. Getting the group involved in a team work exercise is practical, a great way to introduce fellow divers to each other and a great first chapter in the diving experience they provide for you. Taino Divers did a great job creating a great vacation diving experience.

I have finally made the time to blog about the trip and have some great underwater pictures of Desecheo Island along with a beautiful video of the dive. The video ends with a very close encounter with a 40ft plus whale. It is breathtaking.

Diving Desecheo - Backlight Cave

Diving Desecheo - Backlight Cave

Diving Desecheo - Rincon Puerto Rico

Diving Desecheo - Rincon Puerto Rico

Scuba Diving Isla Desecheo

Scuba Diving Isla Desecheo

Taino Divers - Dive Charters to Isla Desecheo
Taino Dive Shop Contact Info

Taino Divers - Dive Charters to Isla Desecheo


9 thoughts on “Scuba Diving in Rincon – Whales and Great Visability

  1. katrina kruse

    I was out at Corega today diving (Jeff is sick) and the visibility on the wall was 70 or 80 feet which is spectacular for that spot. If you kick out from the beach for 35 minutes you will get to the drop off and it goes to 140 feet or so at the deepest. It is a nice wall. Travelling north on the reef brings you to a spot where Sabado (Tarpon) are found at certain times of the year – hundreds of really big Tarpon. Today no tarpon but I saw a ray, baracuda, eel and lots of fish. When you are ready and want a guide let us know. I had 74 minutes down and came up with 1400 and the deepest I went was 70 feet today (is deeper to the south). I’ll be hopefully diving in the north tomorrow!

  2. Summer

    Katrina – I almost got run over by a couple of Tarpon when Stefan and I were snorkeling/spearfishing around Domes, when I was prego. They are HUGE! It was super bizarre…All of a sudden we were in the middle of a bait fish tornado, we started making our way towards shore (because being in the middle of a huge school of bait fish is not a place I want to be), and I literally almost got speared by a Tarpon. I barely even saw it, when several more zoomed by. They were almost as big as me! By the way, you must have nerves of steel to dive by yourself!

  3. loretta - Rincon, PR

    Fabulous! I am going to look into this Dive at Taino. I have been wanting to do The Dive, but now I am convinced. Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience.

  4. Carol

    Nice pics!!! How long was the boat trip to Desecheo and how much it costs? How was the sea in terms of waves? This was your first scuba diving experience? Taino Divers didn’t ask your certification? A lot of questions right? jajaja… On January me and my husband went diving to Guánica, I recommend it a lot. Very nice wall. See you guys!

  5. Nadine

    hey there,
    great video, really breathtaking…
    awesome, thank you for sharing.
    you know, i just got my diving licence and now I am looking for an underwater camera. which one did you use in your vid?
    or, if there is anyone who can recommend one to me, that would be very nice.
    at the moment i consider the sealife DC1200. anyone knows something about it?
    thank you for your help,
    take care

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