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Jun, 2015

Shopping Cart Modifications and Love of the Land

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Trash. Lot’s of litter. One of our biggest pet peeves in PR is the lack of respect for this beautiful island.

I had a conversation with a friend last week about the trash, litter and overall disrespect for the land. He had a great perspective. He said;

The United States was exactly the same in the 1970’s. People were throwing their empty cigarette packs and beer cans out the window. It wasn’t until local organizations, the forestry service and the government started educating the people on how bad littering and trashing the environment was that things started to change.

I couldn’t agree with him more.

When we first moved here, I thought everyone littered and I was disgusted by it. Now, years later I realize that there are many Puerto Ricans that love their island (not just the culture) and take care of it.

This guy modified a shopping cart, put his own sign on it and has adopted an area of road in Añasco that I drive by every day. He works hard, has pride in what he does and the road looks great there. Thank you for your thankless service ‘guy with the awesome shopping cart’!


4 thoughts on “Shopping Cart Modifications and Love of the Land

  1. Barbara Schutt

    This guy is awesome! That is probably spot on that many Puerto Ricans do try to keep the land clean. I know of an organization to gets together to clean up the beaches now and then.

  2. scott

    That’s great. It always hurts me to see the litter in certain areas of Puerto Rico. I always think, “Don’t these people know the gem of an island they have?”

    Bake some cookies for that guy!

    PS. _So glad you are back

  3. Karen

    It’s very much the minority of locals that litter, most have great pride in their island and it pisses them off when ppl trash it. There are several groups that meet on the last Sunday of the month to clean up the areas most in need. Contact earth day Puerto Rico to find out more and get involved.

  4. luisa ross

    Hello from Yabucoa, PR
    We are transplants from Moreno Valley, CA . We moved here in July 2015. I am enjoying your blog. We certainly are glad to read about others from the states with joy in their hearts about PR. My mother was from Patillas and my father was Dominican (best of both worlds).
    I certainly would be interested in meeting all you folks. to compare notes and share experience which we certainly have had many. Getting a driver license, car registration, buying property! Just learning how things operate here. It is fun.
    We have met so many super people here. We live in sector El Guano in Yabucoa. I have family living very near by (which have been very helpful).
    I hope your construction is going well. I have learned that it is very different than California! 🙂
    I hope to be hearing from you soon.
    Luisa Ross

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