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Speedtouch Modem User and Password – DMAX Internet

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Speedtouch Modem - PRT Dmax

Speedtouch Modem - PRT Dmax

I have found myself looking through files, notebooks and even the Google looking for the username and password to my Speedtouch modem provided to us by PRT and their DMAX Internet service. For the 3rd time in the past 4 years, I have had to call and ask how to access my modem so I want to share with you how to access your Speedtouch Modem (Thompson Brand) via IP.

The IP address is:
The username is: The Serial Number on the bottom of the modem (S/N)
The password is: The Serial Number on the bottom of the modem (S/N)

It’s so simple! I remember that it is some of the numbers on the bottom of the modem, but there are a bunch of different numbers down there so when my browser forgets my user/pass…I am sometimes left clueless.


15 thoughts on “Speedtouch Modem User and Password – DMAX Internet

  1. Fran and Steve

    A while back, you had some discussion about ISPs in PR, which I cannot find. Can you (or anyone) suggest the best, fastest, most reliable ISP? We will be living on the east side of the island, Humacao. Cost is not an issue because it’s a business expense. We need to get set up with NO downtime (OK, very minimal downtime). Also would appreciate suggestions for cable or satellite TV, and cell phone providers in the east. Thanks! — Fran

  2. Stefan

    Fran – Right now, DMAX, a Puerto Rico Telephone company is our best bet in Rincon. They were getting on my nerves back in April with slow speeds, but seem to be doing much better now. I always see a slow down between 3:00 and 5:00pm.

    If expense isn’t an issue, I would check out business DMAX which runs us about $100 a month and ALSO go with the SENTINAL Satellite Internet. That is the sure fire way to never go down…back it up.

    A third option would to go with the most reliable local provider and go with AT&T for your cell phone provider. Buy the new iPhone 4 and use the wireless tethering Internet option they provide. I think the data plan is an extra $25 a month for it and although it won’t be as quick, it is a good back-up option.

  3. Fran and Steve

    Thanks, Stefan! I am a little confused, is Business DMAX a satellite internet connection or DSL? — Fran

    • Stefan

      Fran – DMAX is DSL, and you can get higher speeds if you request the business account. The mention of SENTINAL satellite was just as your back-up in case you have a bad DSL connection in your area.

  4. Fran and Steve

    Thanks, Stefan. I see that DirecTV has satellite internet service on the island now. We will probably use DTV for TV and are wondering if anyone has experience with their new internet service. For home business needs, we need reliable broadband. Their ad says $59.99/mo. Up to 3.1 MB. Anyone? — Fran

  5. jose

    hello, i was looking at info regarding the rincon reactor and found this thread. In humacao you can contact Liberty Cable for business internet and phone. They have speeds up to 10mb for internet and you will have an account rep for any needs after install. i myself handle business accounts in the rincon area. up to 15mb with 1 mb upload my number is 787-908-7659. hope this helps.

  6. Gonzalez

    Liberty CableVision offer up to 10 Mbit/s for as low as $64.99 its my best bet i always choose Cable Provider over DSL. Digital Subscriber Line is constantly failing like dial-up, that because DSL is High Speed Dial-Up. Now i got word that Verizon Wireless (Now Claro PR/PRT ) is going to bring Fiber optic to PR that included with TV and other bundles just like bell south and AT&T.. If that where to happen we would be talking about 30 to 45Mbit/s but i do not have word on prices yet.. also i hear that Cable ISPs like Liberty/Choice/One-Link are upgrading from DOHC 2.0 to the new platform 3.0 that could bring over 40Mbit/s.. that all i have for now

  7. Diaz

    Thanks for the unselfish info. It was a great relief since dealing with the phone service is time consuming.

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