Please Keep The Poop Off The Patio

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We absolutely love our chickens. They run around the yard all day like little dinosaurs and scratch up our lawn looking for insects, leaving their wonderful fertiliser behind, we get delicious fresh eggs from them (and we know what they were fed) and we love the fact that Sydney is growing up around farm animals. I love the


I Built a Chicken Tractor!

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I built a chicken tractor! I bet you are probably thinking: "What in the heck is chicken tractor?!". So before your mind starts wandering to visions of a chicken-sized farm vehicle and our chickens driving it around the property going about hilarious adventures, a "chicken tractor" is really just a portable, floorless chicken coop. I decided to build


We Have Chickens!

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That's right, we have chickens!! I posted a gallery at the bottom of the page to see all of our chicken coop building pictures and ultimately, I will upload pictures of our chickens once they start producing eggs and anything chicken related. Cluck cluck! [caption id="attachment_1611" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Chicken Coop Plans"][/caption]I am not going to just post about