We Miss Summer in Rincon

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Sydney, Summer and I spent a bunch of time out of Puerto Rico this summer for work and just to travel. It was nice to get off the rock but we missed it so much. Sure, the surf goes pretty flat in the summer in Rincon, but we have so much to do all the time with our


Packing Up For Rincon

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Summer, Sydney and I have been out of Puerto Rico working and we are ALL ready to go home. Summer is going to stick around San Diego for another week or two, but I am packing up Sydney and I so we can head home. I am stoked to see our trees, build a fence and a chicken


A Day in the Life of Sydney at Four Months Old

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First, eat. Next, practice talking: Next, get a little independent. No need to be pressed up against a sweaty daddy all day long. I think this was the first time we put her in this bright gaudy child plaything we swore we would never buy (before we were parents). Her face is just priceless. Surprised? Scared? After about


On The Move…

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We're packing up our flip flops, laptops and diaper bag. We're putting the wetsuits back into storage and savoring the last morsels of Traders Joes goodies, mexican food and sushi. It's time to head back home to Puerto Rico! Yippie! Bye, bye California sunsets! While it was good to get off the island and to see old friends


Sydney, Mom and Dad

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Summer and I love the lifestyle we have created for ourselves. There are positives and negatives to everything but we focus on the positives, even if we like to talk about the negatives. Funny thing, but that is just how I work. Summer says it's because I'm from Jersey. Anywho, this is a Rincon blog about DIY projects,