Timber – So Long Old Tree

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I don't have to tell you guys that Summer and I are very into our landscaping and building not just our house, but creating a really cool tropical landscape. One of the things to deal with living in Puerto Rico are the termites. Termites are everywhere. Termites have eaten their way through gardening equipment handles, expensive palm trees


We’re Going Bananas!

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It has been really dry in Rincon for the past month. Up until the past two or three days (windy/drizzle), we haven't had a drop of rain in over 3 weeks. These pictures are all at least two weeks old, so there is still some 'green' in the background, but as of yesterday, we're talking yellow grass days


Bienvenido a Mi Finca!

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Right before we left for our two month excursion to California & New Jersey, I was walking around our property checking out the plants. One of the first things that we planted were a few little banana trees and they have gotten quite large. Since they havn't produced any fruit, I was wondering if perhaps we planted non-fruit